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FUFA President, Club Chairmen and CEOs share ideas on how to have a better 2nd round of the AUPL

The FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo has today (Thursday) met Azam Uganda Premier League club chairmen,their CEOs together with other representatives in a brain storming meeting on how to prepare for a better second round of the 2016/2017 season.

The meeting was  held at the Mandela National Stadium Boardroom in Namboole.

From the FUFA secretariat, the FUFA President was accompanied by the the CEO Edgar Watson together with his Deputy Humphrey Mandu, the 3rd Vice President Denis Mbidde and Executive committee member Dr. Patrick Bernard Ogwel who is also the chairman of the FUFA Licensing Committee.

Technical development is one key area that the President emphasized in his presentation and later interaction with the members that attended the meeting.

Other areas discussed included; Club licensing which also involves coaches and players’ registration, judicial systems, refereeing and match fixing among others.

‘We are basically looking at a second round that is going to be competitive but we must share the time resource properly because the national team must train, club football must go on, there must be improvement technically’ FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo remarked.

‘We need to start looking at these things as professionals. We have done this at the federation and it is surely paid off. Technical development is very important for the development of clubs as well. We have done it at the federation. It will help clubs develop and generate their own players because as a club you need to develop your players. Once in a while you can buy in the cases of specialty like goalkeeping’ added the FUFA President.

The President went ahead to highlight some of the benefits which include growing economically, developing a feeling of belonging among players and coherence.

The FUFA President offered words of wisdom to the clubs about branding and how to make their own money.

‘All the clubs in Uganda are using non-football money and this is abnormal. Without a quality product you can’t sell it, that means you can’t get the money.  Clubs need to develop strong brands that will attract fans and concurrently sponsors. Even if you have very good football, you must package it very well’ said FUFA President.

‘A professional club generates more revenue than it spends. They are run as businesses. It hires experts but if if you choose to continue operating like an amateur club, licensing will definitely throw you out’ added the FUFA President.

Clubs chairmen were advised to set objectives and goals of what they want their clubs to look like in the long term.

The meeting also discussed matters regarding refereeing.

‘We want refereeing to rhyme with the game as it goes professional. We shall never compromise our standards. That is our promise. As a  federation we have tried performance assessment and evaluation of the referees’ said Magogo.

At the end of the meeting a 7man committee was named to synchronize and recommend on the key points reviewed during the meeting to be forwarded on Monday 19th December, 2016 to the FUFA Executive Committee for internalization and advise on way forward for a better 2nd round of the Azam Uganda premier League. Clubs applauded FUFA for the referees’ performance.

The committee has; Mujib Kasule (Proline FC), Ahmed Ddamulira (Lweza FC), Salmin Saleh (BUL FC), Bainamani bernard Bampaire (UPL CEO), Humphrey Mandu (FUFA Deputy CEO), Ali Mwebe (FUFA Competitions Director) and Aggrey Ashaba (Member-FUFA Referees Appointments Panel).

MAIN PHOTO: FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo (M) with FUFA Deputy CEO Humphrey Mandu (l) and 3rd Vice President Denis Mbidde at the meeting in Namboole on Thursday




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