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FUFA President defends Cranes match charges

FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa has defended the recently announced charges for the Cranes game against Zambia as being fair given the deductions set to return to government in form of taxes among other costs.

FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa consulting his Executive member Rogers Mulindwa and the CEO Edgar Watson during the Press conference on Wednesday. The President pleaded to fans to turn up in big numbers at Namboole stadium on October 13.

The FA President said he appreciates the concerns from the football fans on the high charges but explained that the actual figure which goes to FUFA after making all the deductions was still small.

The FUFA Marketing and sponsorship committee on September 20 announced the charges as being UGX 40.000, 75.000 and 120.000 for the ordinary, VIP and the Gold class tickets respectively.

Mulindwa said 18% (UGX 7200 from each of the 40.000 charged ticket) returns to government coffers in form of Value Added Taxes (VAT). This totals to UGX 288.000.000 if 40.000 fans access the stadium through this ticket category only. Unlike with other national events, the FUFA President further disclosed that UGX 70.000.000 caters for police expenses to guarantee the security of fans and their property.

He was reacting to questions from journalists during the FUFA weekly press conference at the federation headquarters in Mengo this Wednesday morning. “Namboole stadium wants UGX 3000 charged from each ticket.

In total, the stadium will take home UGX 135.000.000 out of the proposed 45.000 tickets” the Federation President revealed. CAF, the continental Football body has an entitlement of 4% and FIFA takes 2%. This brings it to 6% which is a representation of UGX 96.000.000 only on the 40.000 charged tickets.

The costs above total up to UGX 590.000.000 without including other expenses like the return tickets for the professional players, training expenses, professional allowances and ticket printing costs among many others. FUFA also pays for match officials’ tickets, full board accommodation, internal transport and their allowances. During the Cranes match against Congo Brazzaville alone, USD 15500 (About UGX 39m) was spent on match officials from Morocco and Benin.

The FA President maintained that the federation would not reduce on the charges unless the government intervened on the taxes. “The charges remain so unless the government offers a cost free stadium, police accepts to offer a free service or VAT waived” Mulindwa explained to an attentive audience of journalists.

Mulindwa finally pleaded to the fans to consider the Cranes match as a fundraising drive and watch the game. He promised ‘fatty’ bonuses to the players in case Uganda advances to the finals in South Africa. Uganda hosts Zambia on 13th October, 2012 in Namboole.

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