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FUFA President re-organises internal Operations of Executive Committee

Pursuant to Art 38 par 9 of the FUFA Statutes, the internal organisation regulations of FUFA have been drawn and as the President of FUFA, I hereby re-organise the operations of the Executive Committee in order to effectively supervise the Secretariat and consequently undertake the mandate that the President and the entire Executive received from the Members of FUFA.

Nine (9) functions have been created and each will be headed by the Executive Secretary and a Deputy. The Executive Secretary and Deputy positions will be held by the different Executive Committee Members and will be policy, plan and programme assurance supervision while the Secretariat will continue with the execution roles under the CEO.

The following are the functions, respective Executive Secretaries and their Deputies;

Internal Allocations

1.     Governance and Administration- Mr. Mpiima Sam (Head), Mr. Ankunzire Frank (Deputy)

2. Football Development- Mr. Kalema Ronnie (Head), Ms.Mugena Agnes (Deputy)

3.     Competitions- Hon. Nakiwala Florence Kiyingi (Head), Mr. Mulindwa Rogers (Deputy)

4.     International Football- Dr. Ahimbisibwe Apollo (Head), Mr. Obote Dan (Deputy)

5.     Finance- Mr. Mugoye Darius (Head), Mr. Ariga Rasoul (Deputy)

6. Marketing, Communications and Events: Mr. Byamukama Rogers (Head), Mr. Mulindwa Rogers (Deputy)

7.  Infrastructure, Facilities, Logistics & ProjectsMr. Mugisha Justus (Head), Mr. Ankunzire Frank (Deputy)

8.     Stakeholders, Strategic Relations & Innovations: Mr. Mugoye Darius (Head), Mr. Ochom Richard (Deputy)

9.     International Matches Organisation: Mr. Magoola Isa (Head), Mr. Ariga Rasoul (Deputy)


Governance & Administration: Compliances, National Laws, Rules Review Commission, Football Judicial Functioning, Protection of Football, Legal Regimes, Research, Planning, and Ideation, Functioning of the Secretariat, HR, ICT and Procurement

Football Development: Human Capacity Development (Education), Youth Football, Women Football, Beach Soccer, Futsal, Medical, Science & Technology

Competitions: Professional Leagues (UPL, FBL, FWSL), Mass Football, Support Functions to Football Competitions, Referees

International Football: National Teams, Representative Teams

Finance: Management & Accountability of FUFA Finances

Marketing, Communications & Events: Marketing & Sales, Communications and Events

Infrastructure, Facilities, Logistics & Projects: Infrastructure, Facilities, Logistics and Projects

Stakeholders, Strategic Relations & Innovations: Members, Government, Media, Fans, Foreign Affairs (Sister FIFA MAs), Affiliations, Opinion Leaderships, Innovations (SACCO, FUFA Foundation, etc.)

International Matches Organisation: Organisation of all International matches at home

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