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FUFA President says Tamale Kapeera played a key role in the survival and current set up of Sc Villa

At the requiem mass for the former Sc Villa chairman Technical Sam Tamale Kapeera, the FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo eulogized him as man who dedicated a lot of time to Sc Villa Jogoo.

The prayers were held at Sir Apollo Kivebulaya Church in Kansanga for a man whose strong acumen in football management helped Sc Villa Jogoo enjoy a lot of success.

‘Kapeera looked for me when Sc villa was under turbulent times five years ago. He approached me to seek for guidance on the way forward to save Sc Villa. Without him five years ago, Villa would be no more. We ran the club for a full year but without a definite leader among us but with Kapeera we were safe’ said FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo.

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo with his top brass Hamid Juma (L) and VP3 Denis Mbidde eulogizing Tamale Kapeera

‘I fell in love with Sc Villa because of the proximity of the club’s training ground from where i was staying -Nsambya Estates. When i visited the club’s training session at Villa Park, some fans showed me a bespectacled man whom they referred to as Villa. They also told me that everything about the club lay in the hands of that man-in reference to Kapeera’ added Magogo a self confessed Villa supporter.

‘I visited Kapeera in Nakasero Hospital but he told me that he had neither  been admitted nor injected before in his life. Kapeera said that may be he had been attacked a serious illness before he was flown to theUSA for further treatment where died in November.

The Current FUFA CEO Edgar Watson, who was managed by Kapeera said that;

‘I have never seen a football manager better than Kapeera. He always had immediate solutions to problems that would affect the players’ concentration’ said Watson who was captain of Sc Villa when the blues terrorized teams on the pitch.

The Minister of state sports Hon Charles Bakkabulindi described Kapeera as a man who had various qualities but also introduced him to football management.

‘Kapeera was a very good leader but his biggest weapon was mobilization. He was loved by many football people’ said Bakkabulindi.

Minister of State for Sports Hon Charles Bakkabulindi takes his turn to lay the wreath as well

FUFA was heavily represented at the funeral service by 3rd Vice President Denis Mbidde, Chairman Technical Committee Hamid Juma, Paul Ssali (Member Technical Committee), Ahmed Hussein (FUFA Communications Manager), Ntege Patrick (National Teams’ Officer) and Uganda Football Players’ Association Delegate Edward Kalungi.

Sc Villa President Ben Misagga said that he will miss Kapeera.

‘He was happy when i appointed Chuni as head of technical matters at Sc Villa. It is unfortunate that he has not been able to comeback and give us more advice’ said Misaga.

Sc Villa President President Ben Misaga laying the wreath

Kapeera who succumbed to cancer will be laid to rest in Vvumba Village, near Bugema University on Wednesday at 4pm.

Mourners at the requiem mass.

‘Despite being bedridden, Our father was happy when Uganda Cranes qualified for AFCON’ said one of Tamale Kapeera’s son Timothy.

MAIN PHOTO: FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo laying the wreath on the casket of Sam Tamale Kapeera.



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