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FUFA President shares ideas with North East football officials

Federation of Uganda Football Associations President, Eng. Moses Magogo has today held a brain storming meeting with the different officials of the North East region.

One of the fruitful deliberations from the meeting was the expressed commitment of FUFA towards helping the region develop a standard football playing ground in the region.

The North East region has several districts of Soroti, Ngora, Napak, Bukedea, Kaberamaido, Amuria, Katawi, Amolatar, Nakapiripirit, Serere, Kumi and Moroto.

FUFA Executive committee member from the region, Richard Ochom appreciated the great efforts of the federation towards developing the game in the region.

Standard fields:

The regional football chairman Stephen Onyait hinted on the availability of football grounds in the region many of which needed ungrading.

“We have so many playing fields but we call for a standard ground which will be accessed by all”, Onyait submitted.

Onyait’s due concerns were answered in flash when the President pledged support for the region towards the accomplishment of that goal.

Football the Beautiful Game:

“Football is a beautiful game which must make us happy and bring us together”, Magogo said in his opening remarks.

He expressed delight about the level of the game’s development process in the region particularly in Nepak and Moroto areas.

Urging unity as a primary key point in the development process, he reinstated the need of all the region’s delegates to work as a unit than individuals.

“It becomes difficult if the delegates are not friends .I can’t generate a good football product for you if you are at logger heads”, Magogo who was marking his first time in the region added.

Operational North East Regional league:

A fully active running regional league is one aspect the president appreciated and called for more activeness from all stakeholders.

“The powers to run football at lower levels and in the regions is now entirely on regional football associations including the appointment of referees. I am happy for the league here. Fufa will give support to the regional football associations”, he remarked.


Photo Moment: Some of the North East football region officials pose for a group photograph with the FUFA President (4th left)

Other key aspects:

He also urged the region to start early preparations for the forthcoming inter regions to be hosted by north east region football association.

Soroti town will be the host.

He also briefed the members on the recent developments at the federation especially the new Fufa logo, the rebranded cranes jersey and the assets.

He also briefed the meeting On the matters where IGG inquired about the Fufa land titles, with a firm  promise, all is under  t under control and FUFA will as usual continue to develop the beautiful game and take it to another level of administration and management across the Country, region, continent and globally.

The meeting has been followed by an exhibition match between the FUFA officials and North East region officials.

The North East Officials won the game 1 – 0. The President and the national team, The Cranes had visited the area on the Nile Special regional tours dubbed ‘Uganda Cranes Na-Mutima’, the second of the many regional tours the national team will make across the nation as way of fans gelling with their respective stars.


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