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FUFA speaks out on alleged FSL-USL Merger

The FUFA Vice President in charge of the FUFA Super League (FSL) Mujib Kasule has clarified on the allegations that FUFA has given back the mandate to run the FSL to the Uganda Super League Limited (USLL). Below is his statement:


FUFA Vice President Mujib Kasule (right) with the former FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa in 2011. Kasule has clarified that the FSL has not been given back to USL as alleged.

My office is in receipt of wide spreading allegations that the mandate to run the National football league by the FUFA Super League Limited has been given back to Uganda Super League Limited (USLL).

Personally, together with my office have not been engaged in any meetings or negotiations in relation to the above in particular with USLL.

Please note that the FUFA Assembly gave the mandate to the FUFA Super League Limited owned by the 16 clubs to run the League and it remains so unless this position is reversed by the same Supreme body.

I therefore wish to assure the entire football fraternity and the general public that the FUFA Super League will continue running undisrupted.  Further note that the right to change its name, management or format is strictly a reserve of FUFA Super League Limited.

FUFA however welcomes positive negotiations with any third party whose consequences do not affect the game. 

I therefore urge the public to remain calm and continue supporting the FSL as the only body in Uganda mandated by FUFA to run the national league.



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