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FUFA Statement on the 42nd Uganda Cup final played on 18th June, 2016

FUFA has keenly followed opinionated statements in the various sections of the media in the aftermath of the Uganda Cup final between Vipers SC and Onduparaka FC played on 18th June, 2016 at Nakivubo Stadium.

However, FUFA has not received any communication from the clubs on the matter in regards to gate collections from the Cup final.
FUFA would like to bring to the attention of the public with facts about the just concluded 42nd Uganda Cup Final;

  • In the previous editions of the Uganda Cup finals played in Pece, Gulu (2012), Masindi (2013), Mbale (2014), Ntungamo and Namboole (2015) FUFA has always met the costs incurred to stage the final match inclusive of team expenses.
  • The regulations of the Uganda Cup entitle FUFA to 20 % of the collections from all the 64 matches that precede the cup final. However for the 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st and 42nd editions, FUFA has always forfeited its share to the clubs.
  • Furthermore the regulations of the Uganda Cup do not provide for a share of proceeds by clubs in the Cup final as FUFA undertakes overhead costs irrespective of the collections.
  • Considering the euphoria that preceded the 42nd edition of the Uganda cup final, the FUFA Executive Committee took a decision to have the two clubs, hosts-Kampala Region Football Association and organisers share the proceeds (30% to each club, 25% to FUFA and 15 % to Kampala Region Football Association) after all costs of the match were deducted inclusive of Security, Stadium, VAT, Curtain raiser match and related expenses, however in event of the expenses exceeding the collections, FUFA would finance the deficit.
  • Tickets sold were 7,078 which grossed 36,425,000/.
  • However the following groups of people accessed the stadium without paying;
  1. Media
  2. FUFA Registered players
  3. Ex-players
  4. Coaches
  5. Referees
  6. Club officials
  7. Football Administrators
  8. Other Dignitaries
  • As provided for in the FUFA Financial Policy all collections from the match were banked
  • Now that the reconciliation has been finalised, beneficiaries of the proceeds mainly the URA (18% VAT) and the clubs will receive their shares through the banking system. However Onduparaka FC will receive less by 1,000,000/- that was advanced following the club’s request to meet costs in Kampala.

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