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FUFA Statement: Status on Miya’s health, Melvyn Lorenzen

AFCON 2017 Qualifier (Group D): Saturday 4th June 2016

Botswana Vs Uganda – Francistown

Time: 5pm EAT (4pm in Botswana) 

Miya Faruku

On disembarking off the flight from Addis to Harare on Monday afternoon, Miya Faruku felt severe dizziness and had to seek medical attention from the Uganda Cranes team doctors on whose recommendation further medical examination was sought in Zimbabwe.

The player was discharged after undergoing a series of tests but was able to train later with the rest of the team on Monday evening in Harare.

On examination of  results from the tests carried out, there has been nothing strange found but the concern is what could have caused the sudden severe dizziness that the player experienced.  Nothing has been established yet.

However the doctors have recommended that until the cause and probably remedy of the dizziness is established,  the player  remains rested from strenuous exercises as a preventive measure.

The player is  currently in very good shape as further examinations are being carried out to conclude the case.

Until his case is concluded by the doctors the player will remain rested.

We are optimistic that the player will get a green light to be available for selection on Saturday against Botswana but in case he does not, we value life ahead of the interests of the team and there are other players on the team that will ably fill his gap for the accomplishment of our mission.

 Melvyn Lorenzen

German based player, Melvyn Lorenzen will not be available for selection on Saturday in the game against Botswana.

Whereas the  coaches have found the player a very good addition technically to the team after the training and trial match against Zimbabwe,  the player has appreciated the reception and co-operation he has received from his teammates.

However he has asked to be given more time to take the decision to play for the Uganda Cranes and the decision time will well be after the match against Botswana.
‘I am honoured to have been received and accepted by the players, coaches,  officials and the love extended by the fans and the opportunity to play for my nation of descent.

I am  aware of the team’s objectives  but in order to help me take such a big decision, I definitely need more time to reflect and take the big decision. So far I am extremely impressed’ said Melvyn
FUFA fully respects the procedure desired by Melvyn in order to represent Uganda and has granted him his wish optimistic that at a later date he will be available for selection to the Uganda Cranes.
‘We shall definitely miss the extra impetus he would bring to the team as was seen in the friendly match against Zimbabwe but for now we shall concentrate on the able players we have in the team to accomplish our mission’ said Uganda Cranes Head coach Milutin Sredojevic.

Whereas the paper requires an authorization of the Germany government to obtain dual citizenship that had not yet been received, it is not the reason why Melvyn will not be available for selection as this was always going to be overcome in time but his desire to take more time for the big decision.

On this note, FUFA wishes to thank the Government of Uganda particularly the entire Immigration personnel but more importantly Hon Mike Mukula and Hon Erasu who facilitated the expedition of the process of getting the dual citizenship and consequently the Ugandan Passport. Everybody acted in the spirit of our Nation

It is Our Game, It is Our Country

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