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FUFA summons Kabenge, Segawa

Enough is enough: CEO Edgar Watson issued the summons

The FUFA Disciplinary committee has summoned Uganda Super League Board Chairman Kavuma Julius Kabenge and the Chief Executive Officer Ebil Ssegawa Jimmy to appear before the committee on January 13 on charges related to the contravention of the rules governing association football.

In a communication by the Federation CEO Edgar Watson to the accused, he quoted the Disciplinary Committee’s first case number as DC/30112/003.  The two in their official positions at USL will face the committee at 4:00pm.  They are accused of failure to follow the Uganda Super League Ltd Memorandum and Articles of Association.  They have also failed to comply and implement FUFA rules inclusive of statutes, regulations, decisions and directives of FUFA, CAF and FIFA.

Trapped: Kavuma Kabenge

In another separate summon, Kavuma Kabenge under case number DC/30112/001 faces three other charges. He failed to comply with FUFA rules, put the game of association football into disrepute by his actions and communications and taking matters of interpretation and application of FUFA rules to ordinary court of law. He will therefore have to defend himself on this matter first at 2:00pm before re-appearing at 4:00pm over a second case.

Ebil Ssegawa will also have to appear before the committee earlier at 3:00pm on individual charges (DC/30112/002) of failure to comply with the FUFA rules and putting the game of association football into disrepute by his actions and communications.

The Disciplinary committee will proceed with the case and take decisions based on the information in its possession if the accused fail to show up on the date and time officially communicated to them.

Hard times: Jimmy Segawa

The committee comprises renowned lawyers within and outside Kampala. The committee is chaired by Ojuk Odur Geoffrey with Balondemu Daudi as his vice. Nyonyintono Asuman Mulawa is the committee secretary while Kasalirwe Dirisa and Jacob Lubega are members.

(Rogers Mulindwa-Head of Communications, FUFA)

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