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FUFA Super League player transfer and registration

Waiting: FUFA Competitions Committee Secretary, Decolas Kiiza urgently needs the forms submitted to his office.

The FUFA Super League is due to kick off on Tuesday 25th September 2012 at various stadia across the country.

The Federation therefore wishes to congratulate those clubs that fulfilled the club licensing requirements and were issued with a FUFA Club License to compete in the FUFA Super League 2012/2013 season.

All FUFA Super League Clubs are reminded to forward their players’ registration requirements to the FUFA Competitions Committee (FCC) well in advance to enable timely processing of their licences.

For avoidance of doubt, no player shall be allowed to participate in any FUFA authorized competition without a player’s licence. The main requirements are:

  • Filling the appropriate forms depending on the status of the player; and
  • Payment of Shs 1,000,000= per club to enable licence processing.

The Federation wishes to applaud Sports Club Victoria that has already filed their players’ forms with the FCC.

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