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FUFA Tv Cup Round of 64: Ndejje Senior Secondary School Surprises Mengo Senior School

The FUFA Tv Cup Round of 64 kicked off with a pulsating match that saw Ndejje Senior Secondary School edge out Mengo Senior School with a 2-1 victory.

The match began with a lightning-fast goal in the 1st minute, courtesy of Keith Kalunda. Capitalizing on a disastrous back pass from a Mengo SS defender, Kalunda showcased his alertness and finishing skills by calmly tapping the ball past the helpless goalkeeper. The early goal set the tone for what would be an intense and hard-fought game.

Fans of both schools filled the stands, creating an electrifying atmosphere with their cheers and chants. Mengo SS supporters were momentarily silenced by the quick setback.

Ndejje SSS didn’t rest on their laurels after the early goal. In the 7th minute, they doubled their lead through Gum Okello. Awarded a penalty after a clumsy foul in the box, Okello stepped up with confidence. His well-placed shot to the bottom corner left the Mengo SS goalkeeper with no chance, sending the Ndejje supporters into raptures once again.

The two-goal lead put Ndejje SSS in a commanding position, and they began to control the tempo of the game. Their midfield dominated possession, and their defense remained resolute, thwarting any attempts by Mengo SS to get back into the match.

Mengo SS, however, showed commendable resilience. Despite the early setbacks, they gradually found their footing and started creating chances. Their midfielders began to link up play effectively, and their forwards tested the Ndejje SSS goalkeeper with several shots on target. The Ndejje defense, marshaled by their captain, stood firm, making crucial interceptions and clearances.

As the match progressed, the tension on the field and in the stands grew palpable. Every tackle, pass, and shot were met with loud reactions from the passionate supporters. Mengo SS fans, hoping for a comeback, urged their team forward with every attack.

The persistence of Mengo SS finally paid off in the 87th minute. A swift ball curved into the box saw their forward jump higher than the Ndejje defense to head the ball home, scoring a well-deserved consolation goal. The late goal ignited a glimmer of hope among Mengo SS fans, who cheered their team on in the dying minutes of the game.

Despite a spirited effort in the final minutes, Mengo SS couldn’t find the equalizer. The referee’s final whistle signaled a hard-fought 2-1 victory for Ndejje SSS, who celebrated their progression to the next round with jubilant scenes on the pitch.

This match held extra significance as Ndejje SSS are newcomers to the FUFA Tv Cup, while Mengo SS were participants in the inaugural edition. The win marks an impressive debut for Ndejje SSS in this prestigious tournament.

After the match, Ndejje SSS coach Hamid Yasin praised his team’s early intensity and composure under pressure. “We started very strong, and that made the difference today. Our defense was solid, and the boys executed the game plan perfectly,” he said.

On the other hand, the Mengo SS coach Mayimba Yassin Abdu expressed disappointment but remained optimistic. “It was a tough loss, especially with the early goals we conceded. However, I am proud of how the team fought back. We will learn from this and come back stronger,” he stated.

The two teams will play a return leg next weekend to determine who progresses to the round of 32.

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