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FUFA Tv Cup Second Edition roadmap released

The annual FUFA Tv Cup is set to captivate the nation once again, with the second edition expanding significantly from its inaugural year.

Launched on Friday morning by FUFA Executive Committee Member Apollo Ahimbisibwe who also doubles as the Chairperson of the organising committee for the competition, this year’s edition comes bigger and better.

With a stunning 65 schools’ participation, the tournament promises more excitement, talent, and unforgettable moments as schools from all corners of Uganda vie for the prestigious title.

“The first edition which was a pilot project was a success. We received overwhelming interest from across the country and I guarantee that the second edition will even produce a better experience,” stated Ahimbisibwe during the press conference held at FUFA Complex.

FUFA Deputy CEO-Football Decolas Kiiza believes the tournament is part of the bigger picture of the FUFA Technical Master Plan.

“In the FUFA Technical Master Plan, we want to put emphasis on nurturing and identifying talent at a young age. I believe competitions like the FUFA Tv Cup will help to offer a platform to raw talent.” He said.

A Humble Beginning

The first edition of the FUFA Tv Cup was a trailblazer in the realm of school football tournaments. Featuring just eight schools, it showcased a high level of competition on a home and away basis. The final saw St. Mary’s College Kisubi emerging victorious when they won Kiira College Butiki 2-1 at Muteesa II Stadium Wankulukuku, clinching the title and setting a high standard for future tournaments.

Gift Fred Mutalya from Kiira College Butiki stole the spotlight as the top scorer, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament with his exceptional skills and scoring 8 goals in 5 games.

Expansion and Evolution

Building on the success of its first edition, the FUFA Tv Cup has grown exponentially. This year, the tournament will kick off with a preliminary round on 16th June 2024, featuring a clash between Nganwa High School and St. Kagwa High School at the Nganwa High School Playground in Sheema District. This match will set the stage for what promises to be a thrilling competition marking return of the long-awaited competition.

The winner of the aforementioned fixture will join the other 63 schools at the round of 64.

Jeremiah Mugerwa who is the Vice Chairperson of the FUFA Tv organizing committee cautioned schools against use of non bona fide students in order to attain success.

“FUFA has established rigorous standards and laws that schools are mandated to adhere to, and any violation will result in severe consequences. These competitions offer more than just victory; they provide valuable opportunities for networking and building social connections.” He stated.

The tournament’s structure has been meticulously designed to ensure every match is a do-or-die affair. The Round of 64 will be played on home and away basis, scheduled to start on 29th and 30th June 2024. This stage will see 64 teams battling it out, with only half advancing to the next round.

The intensity will escalate to the Round of 32, which will be played over two legs on 6th and 20th July 2024. This format gives teams a chance to strategize and make comebacks, ensuring that only the most resilient and tactically proficient teams progress.

Following this, the Round of 16 will also be a double-leg affair, taking place on 27th-28th July and 3rd-4th August 2024. By this stage, the competition will be fierce, and the stakes higher, as the remaining teams battle for a spot in the prestigious national championship.

The Grand Finale
The journey culminates into the National Championship , which will feature the last eight teams. These matches will be held at the FUFA Technical Centre, Njeru from 28th August to 15th September 2024.

This stage of the tournament is expected to draw significant attention, with fans eagerly anticipating which school will claim the title this year.

There are 12 Chapters created to ease movement of teams according to their geographical location.

The segmented 12 Chapters are; Western Chapter, Buganda Chapter, Buganda-Masaka Chapter, East Buganda Chapter, Rwenzori Chapter, Busoga Chapter, Kampala Chapter, Luo Chapter, Elgon Chapter, Bukedi Chapter, Bunyoro Chapter and West Nile Chapter.

FUFA Tv Cup’s expansion reflects not just the growing interest in school football but also FUFA’s commitment to nurturing young talent across Uganda. As the tournament unfolds, new heroes will emerge, and unforgettable moments will be etched into the chronicles of Ugandan school football history. The entire nation eagerly awaits the kickoff, ready to support their schools and witness the rise of future football stars.

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