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FUFA Tv Cup: Teams receive jerseys and balls as preparations continue

The eight traditional schools confirmed for the first ever FUFA Tv Cup tournament have today received sports equipment during a function held at the FUFA Headquarters in Mengo.

The brief and colourful ceremony was attended by the school representatives.

The FUFA Tv Organising Committee Chairman Dr. Apollo Ahimbisibwe, his deputy Mr. Mugerwa Jeremiah of Mengo Senior School and Ayub Khalifan (Member) presided over the event.

Each participating team received two sets of jerseys (home and away), 10 footballs each and two captain arm bands per school.

The well designed and fashionable kits are meeting the current jersey trends on global market. The jerseys are bearing the school logos, FUFA Tv Cup logo on the left sleeve of the shirt and the front part taken by the official broadcaster FUFA Tv.

Mr. Mugerwa who represented Mengo SS but spoke on behalf of the teams said that the jerseys are of good quality and his boys will be looking forward to using them during the tournament.

“We thank FUFA and President Magogo for this gesture. We are edging closer and closer to the kick off and these re signs of good preparations for the tournament. The jerseys are nice and the players will look smart in them. Traditional schools have been known for competing favourably in academics but this tournament will give them the chance to perform better in football.” said Mugerwa.

The matches to be broadcast live on FUFA Tv will be played on knock out format but on a home and away basis.

The schools invited are; King’s College Budo, St. Mary’s College Kisubi, Busoga College Mwiri, Namilyango College, Jinja College, Mengo Senior School, Makerere College School and Kiira College Butiki.

The teams have been pooled into two groups.

Group A: Makerere College School, King’s College Budo, St. Mary’s College Kisubi, Mengo Senior School

Group B: Namilyango College, Jinja College, Busoga College Mwiri, Kiira College Butiki

The tournament will kick off on 10th June 2023 with two explosive fixtures that will see Makerere College School hosting Mengo Senior school at the Makerere University Main Ground at 10am while Kiira College Butiki up against Namilyango College at 4pm.

The following day 11th June 2023 will have St Mary’s College Kisubi and King’s College Budo lock horns in what will be dubbed the ‘FUFA Tv Blockbuster schools derby’ in Kisubi at 4pm.

The Busoga region schools clash has Busoga College Mwiri hosting Jinja College in Mwiri at 10am.

The return leg matches will be played between 14th -17th June.

The Semifinals also to be played on a home and away basis will be held on 21st June 2023 (1st leg) and 25th June 2023 (return leg).

The final to be played over match will be held on 1st July 2023.

About the Tournament

  1. The Theme of the Tournament is ‘Excellence in Academics and Sports’
  2. FUFA to give two sets of jerseys to each school
  3. FUFA will give 10 balls to each school
  4. It is sponsored by FUFA Tv
  5. Tournament will be broadcast live on FUFA Tv
  6. Kicks off on 10th June 2023
  7. 8 traditional Schools will take part in the tournament
  8. The school have been pooled in two groups
  9. Matches will be played on knock out format of home and way basis
  10. Semifinals will be played on 21st June 2023
  11. The Final will be played on 1st July 2023

Benefits of FUFA Tv Cup

  1. Live on FUFA Tv thereby showcasing the talents of the participating players to a worldwide audience and to football agents as well.
  2. Each school to nominate 4 young enthusiastic students to be trained by FUFA as young Coaches, Match Referees and Digital Media Officers. Hence benefits to schools in other football/sports programs also individually opening youngsters to mainstream services.
  3. FUFA Tv will provide all the uniforms for each participating school, as well as facilitate all the match officials for the games.
  4. Cash prizes will be available in various categories.

The full FUFA Tv Cup Organising Committee

  1. Dr. Ahimbisibwe Apollo – Chairman
  2. Mr. Mugerwa Jeremiah (Mengo Senior School) – Vice Chairman
  3. Mr. Kiwanuka Roberts – Member
  4. Mr. Ayub Khalifa – Member
  5. Ms. Nambafu Justine – Member
  6. Mr. Balinaine John Moses (Jinja College) – Member
  7. Mr. Mugalu Ronald Malcom (St. Mary’s College Kisubi) – Member
  8. Mr. Nyonyintono David – FUFA Secretariat (Competitions Officer)
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