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FUFA TV-The Dream coming true

On 28th March 2022, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) issued FUFA Media Services (FMS) Ltd with a Hybrid License to operate the FUFA TV. This means that FUFA TV may now be carried on both Pay and Free-to-Air platforms. This is a giant leap towards our dream. Next is On-Air Signal Testing

FMS Ltd is a company owned 100% by FUFA created for purposes of complying with the regulatory requirements of UCC. FMS Ltd shall be tasked to commercially operate the brands of FUFA TV and also the 102.1 FUFA fm. It is going to be run as a separate entity from FUFA (The Uganda Football Association) with its own staff and operations

The biggest revenue drivers of sport include Broadcast Rights, Commercial Rights and Match Day but recent studies have proven that 90% of the money made by selling sports to fans is held by middlemen and only 10% gets to federations, clubs and the athletes.

In the world where sport is professional and commercial, Football with 3.5bn fans around the world earns 33bn USD a year but dwarfed in comparison to Facebook with 2.9Bn followers earning 70bn USD a year. The difference is that Facebook deals with the Fans directly.

It is even worse in Uganda and largely Africa where Sport is still largely amateur and consequently not commercially run. The sporting events are only watched live by those present at the venues or clips and highlights of seconds in news many hours or even days later. There is consequently no Broadcast Rights Revenues, No Commercial Rights Revenues and meagre if any Match Day revenues too

FUFA TV is coming to address this gap. Our focus will be to bring quality live Ugandan sports action to mobile viewers, homes, work places, leisure places, airports, and many public waiting places.

With the support of everyone, we intend to change the narrative

It is Our Game, It is Our Country

Magogo Moses Hassim
FUFA President
CAF Exco Member
MP-Budiope East
Chairman ICT committee of Parliament

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