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FUFA Vice President’s statement on Incorrect and unfounded reports in today’s media

FUFA Vice President Denis Mbidde has been quoted in today’s media as having made statements aimed at the person of SC Villa Jogoo President Eng. Ben Misaga.
However the FUFA VP categorically distances himself from the reports he believes are aimed at creating collisions and gaps between him, Misaga and Sc Villa Jogoo.

FUFA VP Denis Mbidde

‘I have not talked to any media person about what has been reported in today’s media. Leadership comes with challenges and calls for strong and able bodied people like Misaga’ said Mbidde.
‘SC Villa Jogoo is part of many football fans’ lives in Uganda and the world at large and so some fans get concerned when their club is not getting the best results on and off the pitch’ added Mbidde.

Mbidde’s statement reads;
• In today’s Bukedde Newspaper (Thursday 29th October, 2015), a group of reporters (names not shared on the back page for the story, made incorrect quotes about me blaming SC Villa Jogoo President Eng. Ben Misaga
• I distance myself from the incorrect and unfounded quotes in the story. These were exaggerated quotes by the unnamed writers with ill intentions to create a gap between Misaga, SC Villa Jogoo and I.
• I fully support the leadership of Eng. Ben Misaga and I believe he is the right man to take SC Villa Jogoo to the dreamland.
Mbidde’s communication further reads;
‘I reiterate my support to Sc Villa Jogoo President , SC Villa Jogoo and entire football fraternity in Uganda’.

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