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FUFA’s letter of appreciation to USPA

Cranes Captain Andy Mwesigwa scored the opener against Congo in Namboole. The 4-0 win was key in earning the Cranes the USPA Award for the month of June.

The Nile Special-USPA Awards for the month of June conducted here in Kampala on Monday saw the Uganda Cranes emerging overall winners with 545 votes.

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) was delighted to receive this news that came in just two days to the draws of the final round of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations finals to be held in South Africa on Thursday.

This award will not only boost the team’s performance in our next competitive engagements but it’s also evident that USPA members do follow the Cranes’ activities with keen interest.

Around this time, the Cranes team needs undivided support if we are to break through the rock of misfortune that has stood in our way for 34 years. Professional journalism will be key in this campaign and your Monday gesture points in this very positive direction.

Allow me on behalf of FUFA, extend our most sincere appreciations to you Mr. President and to all USPA members for this timely award.

Finally, I call upon the entire USPA family to remain focused to the same cause.


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