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FUFA’s position on outstanding remunerations for National team officials

In response  to the ongoing reports in the different circles of the media about the pending payments of bonuses to the national team officials, FUFA has clarified on the matter during the weekly press conference on Wednesday morning at FUFA House in Mengo. press conference

FUFA Finance Director, Decolas Kiiza explained to the media;

Players and officials are entitled to match allowances no matter the results on the pitch.

FUFA offers allowances to the and officials who are with the team before the matches are played.

Neither players nor officials have outstanding arrears in this category.

We have cleared most of the bonuses. However our cash flow could not allow us to make all the payments for bonuses on time. We are working hard to clear the outstanding arrears in the form of bonuses.

The players and the FUFA agreed not to disclose when and how to dispatch their bonuses. FUFA will keep the promise.

MAIN PHOTO: FUFA Finance Director, Decolas Kiiza addressing the media during the weekly press conference at FUFA House in Mengo, Kampala on Wednesday, 15th June 2016

PHOTO CREDITS: FUFA Communications Department

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