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FUFA’s response to the head of Uganda Boxing Federation

FUFA is extremely disappointed by the choice of words and lack of facts in an offensive opinion by Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) President Mr. Moses Muhangi under the headline ‘FUFA planned Robbery of 10bn from Uganda Government’.

To the game of football and the institution of FUFA, the image and brand has cost us volumes of resources  in terms of time and money. We don’t take lightly casual and unfortunate phrases like those made by Mr. Muhangi.

Our discussion with Mr. Muhangi since the opinion broke out on various media platforms, clearly shows that he doesn’t know the history of the matter.

The approach he has taken may have more long term and detrimental consequences than the presumed objective as it throws our case of the professional sports industry creation and prioritisation debate off balance.

In the prevailing circumstances, FUFA will have no option but as usual to explain ourselves with the history, correspondences, facts and figures where need be.

During that historic meeting in Rwakitura in 2018 when HE the President of the Republic of Uganda directed the funding of a few strategic disciplines in the national budget, he mentioned how his own grandchildren were now talking about the Uganda Cranes and took pictures with the players. This did not come accidentally. It is called Brand Equity created by FUFA and we believe other federations are getting there.

However it was not until the qualification of the Uganda Cranes to the Africa Cup of Nations after 39 years and qualification of the She Cranes to the Netball World Cup that took the powers that are to consider funding to some federations. This is because of the brand equity that had been created by football and netball.

Our engagement with Government has been about Funding of the preparations and presentation of National Representative Teams and Athletes, the Law, Infrastructure and Policies for all Sports disciplines.  These ‘internal’ squabbles among the sports family will only undermine such efforts. We need synergy not squabbles.

Finally, image protection is a key element at FUFA and despite the private apology by Mr. Muhangi, we expect a public apology from the President of Uganda Boxing Federation.

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