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Get theatre out of football-Govt. orders Kwizera

Minister Charles Bakabulindi has rubbished the Kwizera federation branding ot circus

Education and sports State minister Charles Bakabulindi burst out laughing when told of a new body fronting itself as the legitimate local soccer governing body.

“I have heard of that group. They are not serious. It is a circus. It is time people got serious and stopped mixing theatre with serious football”.

The group headed by Godfrey Kwizera on Friday last week launched a parallel federation. Former FUFA Vice president Polly Ouma was also named head coach of the said federation with a duty of releasing a squad for the group’s international calendar. At their launch, Kwizera reportedly said his group would mainly deal with foreign based players.

FIFA, the international football governing body recognizes the current federation headed by Lawrence Mulindwa as the legitimate federation in Uganda. In 2010 FIFA directed the national body to take action on the same group.

The disgruntled group has Godfrey Kwizera, former player Dan Walusimbi and Polly Ouma as its key players. In 2009, Kwizera showed interest to contest for the elections of the FUFA president but he could not even reach out to ten out of over 80 recognized districts. He also failed to show up at the election venue.

Surprisingly, the next elections are just one year away but instead of getting down to the grassroots to canvass for support if his group is really serious, they are only staging comedy day in, day out!  (This piece ran in the Sunday Vision News paper of May 6 with James Bakama as its author but the original story has slightly been edited for our web site).

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