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Governance: FUFA Super League Limited convenes at 7th Annual General Meeting

As mandated by the constitution, members of the FUFA Super League Limited (FSSL) convened for their Annual General Meeting before the long awaited 96th FUFA Ordinary Assembly.

FSSL’s congress was the 7th held at the Ridar Hotel in Kampala on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

UPL Board chairperson Arinaitwe Rugyendo has presided over the tranquil and well attended AGM also graced by two FUFA Executive Committee members; Justus Mugisha and Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi the first and third FUFA Vice Presidents respectively.

L-R: Bernard Bainamani, Arinaitwe Ruygendo, Justus Mugisha and NCS’ representative Titus Kayigwa

Others in attendance were the CEO of the UPL board Bernard B. Bainamani, the FUFA competitions director Aisha Nalule ,UPL board Members Humphrey Mandu Watenga, David Bunya Sserebe and Fred Guy Kawuma, the league counsel, Alex Luganda, members of the UPL secretariat, National Council of Sports (NCS) representative Titus Kayigwa (Assistant General Secretary – Administration) and the representatives of the 15 Star Times Uganda Premier League clubs.

The 7th FUFA Super League Limited Annual General Meeting

It was a full house with all clubs represented from Vipers (George William Mulindwa), KCCA (Aggrey Ashaba), Sports Club Villa (William Nkemba), Busoga United (Dinah Hope Nyago), URA (James Kizza), BUL (Ronald Barente), Mbarara City (Nobart Semusu), Onduparaka (Edison Sabasaba), Express (Isaac Mwesigwa), Kyetume(Henry Kayondo), Bright Stars (Ronnie Mutebi), Police (Fahad Lumu), MYDA (Peter Emojonh), UPDF (Ashraf Miiro) and Wakiso Giants (Hassan Lule).

The motion to approve the day’s agenda was moved by Aggrey Ashaba, the KCCA Football Club vice chairman was seconded by Police FC CEO, Fahad Lumu.

FUFA 1st Vice President Justus Mugisha

In his address, Ruygendo stated how the Coronavirus pandemic hampered almost every sector of the economy but urged the members to stand strong and think outside the usual box.

He also read the activity report to the members that was approved with the three new members admitted.

UPDF, MYDA and a yet to be identified club were all admitted as members to make the 16 clubs which constitute the UPL.

“Globally, the pandemic has affected everyone; be they businesses, sports, education, name it and ushered in new way of thinking outside the usual box in order in order to shift the paradigm to new ways of thinking and earning” Ruygendo noted.

Arinaitwe Rugyendo

The assembly approved the start of a saving SACCO, an initiative that was applauded by Hon Nakiwala.

‘If it is hard to prepare for the football season, it is even going to be harder to prepare in the COVID-19 days. This period came as a precursor to prepare for the times ahead. I applaud you for starting the SACCO and shall fully support the project’ Hon. Nakiwala noted.

Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi with her speech during the FSLL AGM
Bernard Bainamani, CEO of the Uganda Premier League

Key Highlights from Arinaitwe Ruygendo, Chairman FSL Board

*Coronavirus pandemic presented new ways of thinking outside the usual box

*Strengthening the secretariat

*Ensuring stable fixtures

*Continued struggle of improving facilities

*More brand building

*Luring more sponsors and partners on board

*Improved marketing of the league

*Continued improved communications

David Sserebe (left) with Bernard Bainamani

Highlights from Speech by Justus Mugisha

*Lauded the role played by Government by providing a conducive atmosphere to have football played.

*FUFA is enjoying good working relations with FSLL. The push and pull scenarios yielded into good fruits

*Federation was on a trajectory until COVID-19 set in. Perhaps, there have been opportunities generated out of grey situation as continued interface with the clubs, having all the games on Television and continuous engagement of the Government for relief and free COVID-19 tests if need be.

*FUFA has focus areas as infrastructure, resource mobilization, competitions and continuous efforts to engage the current sponsors as well as prospective sponsors.

*Licenses of 2019-20 will be used in the promotional play-offs

*Transfer of players extended by a month

*League kick off extended by a month

*FUFA coming up with imitative of liaising with clubs to help the lighting of stadia

*Praise of State Minister of Sports Hon. Hamson Denis Obua for securing the land titles of Mandela National Stadium

Paul Kabaikaramu (League Manager) and Aisha Nalule (FUFA Competitions Director)
Isaac Mwesigwa, Express FC CEO


 FSLL Board Chairman: Arinaitwe Ruygendo

FSSL Board Members: Humphrey Mandu Watenga, David Bunya Sserebe and Fred Guy Kawuma

League Counsel: AlexLuganda

FUFA 1st Vice President: Justus Mugisha

FUFA 3rd Vice President: Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi

FUFA Competitions Director: Aisha Nalue

UPL Secretariat members: Paul Kabaikaramu (League manager), Roy Gordon Mundeyi (UPL Communications and Marketing), Hamdan Kaliitwe

National Council of Sports Assistant General Secretary – Administration: Titus Kayigwa

Dinah Hope Nyago, Busoga United Chairperson
Ronnie Mutebi, Bright Stars FC Chairman
George William Mulindwa, Vipers Sports Club Chairman
James Kizza, URA FC Chairman

Club Representatives:

  1. Vipers Chairman: George William Mulindwa
  2. Sports Club Villa Chairman: William Nkemba
  3. Busoga United Chairperson: Dinah Hope Nyago
  4. URA FC Chairman: James Kizza
  5. BUL Chairman: Ronald Barente
  6. Bright Stars Chairman: Ronnie Mutebi
  7. Wakiso Giants Chairman: Hassan Lule
  8. MYDA Vice Chairman: Peter Emojong
  9. KCCA Vice Chairman: Aggrey Ashaba
  10. Kyetume Vice Chairman: Henry Kayondo
  11. Police CEO: Fahad Lumu
  12. Mbarara City CEO: Nobart Semusu
  13. Onduparaka CEO: Edison Sabasaba
  14. Express CEO: Isaac Mwesigwa
  15. UPDF CEO: Ashraf Miiro
Ashraf Miiro, UPDF Football Clun CEO
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