Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Gulu United dismissed from Big League

Proline's Andrew Buteera and URA's Steven Bengo in a Super Division League action. Gulu United has now made its journey into the Super Division League longer by getting dismissed from the Big League

The National football body acting through its Competitions committee has thrown Gulu United FC out of the Big League for failing to honour three fixtures, an act that contravened section G (7) and G (10) of the rules governing this tournament.

Gulu United which now gets relegated to the first Division League of Gulu DFA has also lost its Big League slot in the Bell Uganda Cup to Kampala region. According to the referee’s reports, Gulu United failed to show up for their match against Misindye, Victoria University and Aurum Roses. The committee secretary Decolas Kiiza says the team was given 48 hours to defend themselves but no satisfactory explanations had since been received by FCC.

FUFA Big League rules Section G (7) states; ‘A club failing to turn up for a league match shall submit a written explanation to the FCC within 48 hours from the date of the match’. In addition, section G (10) reads: ‘If such explanation is not accepted, the defaulting club shall lose the match by forfeiture and shall be docked three (3) points and three (3) goals from those already accumulated in an event that the defaulting club is an away club’.

Section G (11) however further reads: ‘If a club defaults any or a combination of rules G (7) and G (10) for three matches in a season, such club shall be dismissed from the League’. In such circumstances, FCC resolved to dismiss Gulu United from the Big League.

The fact that Gulu had played less than 50% of the League by the time of dismissal, all matches in which they were involved are nullified. Gulu United played six out of nine first round matches.  Kiiza further clarified that Rwenzori group to which Gulu belonged will however still have to lose two bottom teams to the Regional League at the end of the season. (Rogers Mulindwa-Head of Communications, FUFA)