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Inaugural FUFA Basic First Aid course for Women Football Clubs starts

In a bid to improve and increase capacity building, FUFA over the years has made strategic efforts aimed at having qualified personnel.

One of such interventions is the inaugural basic first aid course for Clubs playing in the FUFA Women Super League and FUFA Women Elite League that started on Friday, 16th December 2022.

The three days course is organized under the FIFA-FUFA League Development programme and is aimed at equipping First Aiders from the two divisions with current knowledge in Football First Aid to enable them meet the demands of the game so as to ensure player health and Safety.

  1. The key topics during the course are;
  2. FUFA and its Development programmes
  3. Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Common life-threatening medical conditions
  5. Introduction to Sports Anti-Doping
  6. Introduction to Sports Nutrition
  7. Wounds and Burns Management
  8. Musculoskeletal injuries
  9. Injury prevention & Management
  10. Injury Rehabilitation & Back to Play
  11. Introduction to Sports Phycology and Medical Ethics

The instructors are Ali Mwebe (Admnistration-FUFA & Its Development Programmes), Dr. Christopher Edward Mbowa, Dr. Kintu Edmund, and Dr. Mutyaba Joseph.

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