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International relations: Uganda, Rwanda referees’ bodies sign binding pact

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) continues to spread wings and establish fresh networks in the name of developing the beautiful game across the peripheries of the Uganda boarders.

By further cementing the external relations, FUFA through one of the member associations, Uganda Football Referees Association (UFRA) has on Monday officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the sister body from Rwanda, the Referees Association of Rwanda (RRA).

This was at a ceremony held at Silver Springs Hotel, Bugolobi in Kampala city.

The delegation from Rwanda was led by the chairman Eric Rwihizimana.

Newly elected URFA’s chairman and delegate, Ronnie Kalema represented the Ugandan side.

The Memorandum is a strong indication and reminder of UFRA’s dedication towards improving on the standards of the Uganda football referees with special focus on four areas.

The areas include; Youth development, increase international exposure, raise and enhance referees profiles through extensive cooperatives, partnerships and CSR activities as well as facilitate cultural understanding between the two countries through exchange and attachment programs.

Kalema noted;

We are very excited to sign a memorandum with the Uganda football Referees Association and hope to work closely in tandem with the strongest refereeing desires whose success is built on the tenets of discipline, diligence, intelligence, humility, creativity and enterprise.

The signing of this MOU is in line with our Strategic Plan, to develop and enhance the capacities and capabilities of our referees, among others, basing on the attachments of our programmes and initiatives.

In this regard, we believe we can tap on the expertise of R.R.A to take our association to the next level.”

Rwihizimana was equally upbeat and he concurred in the affirmative;

We hope that the signing of Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with UFRA will lead us to foster a holistic partnership, which will enhance bilateral cooperation in various aspects of football refereeing, including the actual matches, management as well as business.

We strongly aspire to facilitate exchange programs between Uganda and Rwanda that will lead to growth of both associations

This year also, FUFA signed a memorandum of understanding with the Federal Republic of Morocco.

MAIN PHOTO: Eric Rwihizimana, the chairman of the Rwanda Referees Association with the UFRA  Chairperson Ronnie Kalema

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