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Invitation of Bids

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) is the governing body of Association Football in Uganda.

FUFA invites sealed applications from reputable suppliers and service providers  for the Financial Years 2023-2025.

Open this document for further details on how to pick the bid forms and other related documents.

List and codes of supplies, services, or works to be provided

FUFA/01/2023Supply of general office stationery and other consumables
FUFA/02/2023Supply of sports equipment and accessories
FUFA/03/2023Supply of office furniture, fixtures and fittings
FUFA/04/2023Supply of communication equipment
FUFA/05/2023Provision of motor vehicle maintenance and repairs
FUFA/06/2023Provision of printing services
FUFA/07/2023Supply of promotional/branding materials and services
FUFA/08/2023Provision of car hire services
FUFA/09/2023Provision of courier and delivery services
FUFA/10/2023Provision of travel agency services
FUFA/11/2023Provision of office cleaning services
FUFA/12/2023Provision of design work services for publication materials
FUFA/13/2023Supply and servicing of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
FUFA/14/2023  Supply and maintenance of computers equipment and accessories
FUFA/15/2023Supply and maintenance of electrical equipment and accessories
FUFA/16/2023Supply and servicing of firefighting equipment
FUFA/17/2023Provision of insurance services
FUFA/18/2023Provision of private security guard services
FUFA/19/2023Provision of hospitality, catering and conference facilities
FUFA/20/2023Legal services
FUFA/21/2023Tax consultancy
FUFA/22/2023Architectural, survey and valuation services
FUFA/23/2023Accountancy and business advisory services
FUFA/24/2023  Clearing and forwarding services
FUFA/25/2023  Building and construction services
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