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Janzi branded attire and assorted equipment for National Referees

FUFA has confirmed that National referees officiating in all FUFA Competitions will start dressing uniformly in Janzi branded attire.

Each referee will have four sets of jerseys in colours; Pink, Purple, Green and Black.

To facilitate this exercise, FUFA has paid for one full complimentary set worth 280,000 UGX of a Janzi branded package to each of the 200 National Referees to be worn during FUFA Competitions. This FUFA offer has a full black kit(top, short and stockings), whistle and its holder.

The latest development means that national referees totalling (200) will purchase the other three kits from the FUFA Merchandise shop.

All referees will be required to purchase the items from FUFA at a fee of 300,000 UGX for three full sets which contain pink, purple and green kits, red/Yellow cards, holding case, pencil, sweat bands and a pair of Toss coins.

The FUFA Communications Director Ahmed Hussein noted that;

‘FUFA has paid for one full complimentary set while the referees who are required to have all the four packs will meet the cost of the three sets which come at a cost of 300,000 UGX. Referees have been either compromising on what equipment to use during matches or buying the same items listed above of suspect quality at over 700,000 UGX. National referees will be required to have all the four sets,’

Hussein added that ‘This communication serves as information to ask referees to contact FUFA Referees office and pick their packages.’

The referees’ uniforms and other assorted items related to their work are part of a long list of sportswear items produced by Janzi.

‘Zakayo- the official matchball for all FUFA Competitions produced by Janzi was introduced on market last week and has enjoyed great reception from the public.

Football clubs, referees, football competition organizers and the general public are encouraged to place orders with Janzi on +256765332916 and +256743484566 (WhatsApp) or

Zakayo #ThePride

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