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Jinja Senior Secondary School Becomes First to Fully Register for Second Edition of FUFA TV Cup

In an exciting development for school football enthusiasts, Jinja Senior Secondary School (Jinja SSS) has officially become the first school to fully meet all the requirements for participation in the second edition of the FUFA TV Cup. This marks a significant milestone for Jinja SSS, as they join the ranks of prestigious schools competing in this celebrated tournament for the very first time.

Jinja SSS has demonstrated commendable diligence and enthusiasm by being the first to complete the necessary requirements for entry into this year’s FUFA TV Cup. These requirements included:

  • Player Registration: Ensuring all team members are officially registered and eligible to compete.
  • Submission of School Badges: Providing the distinctive badges that represent the school’s identity.
  • Specifying School Colors: Declaring the official school colors that the team will wear during the tournament.
  • Payment of Subscription Fees: Fulfilling the financial obligations required for participation.

By entering the FUFA TV Cup, Jinja SSS joins a select group of schools from the Busoga region that have already made their mark in this prestigious competition. These schools include:

  • Jinja College School
  • Busoga College Mwiri
  • Kiira College Butiki (notable finalists in the first edition)

Jinja SSS is confident to bring fresh energy and competitive spirit to the tournament, and their participation is eagerly anticipated by fans and fellow competitors alike.

Although this is the school’s first appearance in the FUFA TV Cup, It has a rich history of excellence in football like Mugulusi Ibrahim, Tezikya Lawrence, Kenneth Semakula, Elvis Ngonde among others. Known for nurturing talent and fostering a spirit of determination and teamwork, Jinja SSS is expected to make a strong impression in their debut appearance.

Their first fixture will be at the round of 64 playing away against St Don Bosco Kamuli on 30th June 2024 before hosting the same in a return leg on 7th July 2024.

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