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The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Limited and Uganda Super League Limited have signed an agreement to work together for the betterment of Club football in Uganda. This has been achieved with the wise counsel of the Hon Minister of State for Sports, Hon Charles Bakkabulindi and after extensive consultations with the sponsors and the constituents of both parties.

The joint statement was signed on 14th March, 2014 by FUFA President Engineer Moses Magogo and USSL Chairman Kavuma Kabenge.

Some of the highlights in the joint statement:

*Through the Sponsorship contracts between USLL and the Sponsors, USLL will avail FUFA with the funds to finance the Club football. In return, FUFA will ensure organisation of football matches in accordance with association football rules and fulfilling minimum Television requirements as expected by the Sponsors.

*From the revenue received from USLL, FUFA will withhold a minimal development percentage and Referees Fees. FUFA will thereafter forward the balance of the funds to the clubs

*After signing this agreement, both parties have been assured and guaranteed by the Sponsors of the continued provision of funds effective 2014/5 Season with more innovations extending beyond the Super League matches

*It has also been agreed that as a re-branding strategy, for the 2014/5 Season the top-tier league will be known as the Uganda Premier League composed of 16 clubs that will be licensed by FUFA in accordance with the FUFA Club Licensing Regulations.

*Whereas the day-to-day activities of the League will be run by the league board and secretariat appointed by the 16 clubs, USLL will manage the match-day events of the televised games

The parties have also agreed to sign a charter to respect each other and harmoniously co-exist for the period of the contract and beyond.

‘Both parties take this opportunity to thank all those who made this happen and also apologise to those who have been hurt by the period of the misunderstanding’ read the joint statement.

Photo: FUFA President Engineer Moses Magogo and USLL Chairman Kavuma Kabenge shortly after signing the joint statement.

Photo credit: FUFA Communications department

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