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Make Them Smile Again: FUFA CSR campaign attached to 2022/23 Stanbic Uganda Cup launched

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” This is a famous quote by author Roy T. Bennett.

FUFA equally believes that football is not just a game. It can transform society through various aspects.

It us upon this background that a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign is attached to every season of the Stanbic Uganda Cup.

FUFA Events Manager Leilah Nankya.

For the fifth time, the campaign returns for the 2022/23 season that is at the round of 16.

FUFA Events Manager Leilah Nankya lauched this year’s campaign and it will run under the theme ‘Make them smile again.’

FUFA Events Manager Leilah Nankya launching the CSR campaign.

“For the fifth year, we are running this campaign to show that football can make a positive impact on society. For every final of the Stanbic Uganda Cup, we look at donating clothes and other items to the less privileged people in the region where the final is played.” She stated.

“I call upon the general public, sponsors and the corporate world to be part of this cause. We shall have collection centres where clothing items will be received.” Added Nankya.

The FUFA Corporate Social Responsibility drive attached to Stanbic Uganda Cup came into effect in 2016 and has benefited to the following people as below.

2016 – Missionaries for the Poor (Kisenyi, Mengo – Kampala Region)

2017 – Arua Children Remand Home (West Nile Region)

2018 – St. Paul’s Church – Kumi (North Eastern Region)

2019 – Nkobazambogo Youth Group, Masaka (Buganda Region)

2020 and 2021 – Not conducted due to COVID-19

2022 – Masindi (Kitara Region)

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