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Mulindwa bids farewell to FUFA employees

FUFA Honorary President Lawrence Mulindwa and the CEO Edgar Watson at one of the functions recently. Mulindwa hailed Edgar for being an exemplary administrator.

Outgoing FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa has commended the Federation Chief Executive Officer Mr. Edgar Watson for what he referred to as being a ‘loyal and genuine young administrator’ who never betrayed him at any single time.

Mulindwa was making a farewell address to the secretariat employees at the federation board room this Monday morning. He rewarded each of the 20 employees with a heavy cash envelop in appreciation of their contributions towards his administration.

The President said despite the employment gaps that still exist within the federation structure, Edgar had utilized the available staff effectively to narrow down the unfilled spaces.  “Many people doubted your ability at the time of your recruitment but you have disapproved all your critics” Mulindwa said in praise of Edgar.

He urged the employees to remain united and focused towards serving the federation in a positive manner. “The same love you have had for me should be transferred to Eng. Magogo as the new President. He needs your help” Mulindwa advised the employees.  He further echoed and hailed the FUFA General Assembly for the title of the ‘Honorary President’ bestowed upon him a week ago.

Every employee was accorded time to speak about Mulindwa and they were all praises for a leader they described as a ‘a reliable administrator with a respect for everybody’.

“I was totally reluctant working in this position but Mr. President, you have natured me into a great manager”, Edgar remarked.

Jimmy Kirunda who has served as a Personal Assistant (PA) to the President for four years said the President had done a lot to individuals both known and unknown to others.

The employees prayed that God rewards Mulindwa for life.

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