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Mulindwa condemns Buikwe match hooliganism

Honorary FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa has publicly come out to condemn the recent acts of hooliganism that occurred at Buikwe play ground during a FUFA Super League match between Vipers FC and SC Villa that resulted into an abandonment of the game. Below is his statement issued on Monday evening.___________________________________________________________________

I have in my capacity as a FUFA Honorary President and a Patron of VIPERS FOOTBALL CLUB learnt of the unbecoming behavior and acts of hooliganism that occurred during the FUFA Super League Match between Vipers FC and SC Villa at Buikwe ground a week ago.

I wish, in the strongest terms possible to condemn such acts and pledge my personal support in further investigating the cause and individuals behind these humiliating acts. Football is meant to unite us and not divide us as it so happened on that fateful day.

Our intentions of taking Vipers FC to Buikwe and the subsequent purchase of the four acres of land on which our home stadium is located was meant to get the game of football closer to the disadvantaged folks away from Kampala City. This good gesture is however seen to be abused by the same people we targeted as the major beneficiaries.

I urge the people of Buikwe and the football fans in particular to work with the club administration towards eliminating such bad hearted individuals. Vipers FC Management will n

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