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NCS Registration deadlines not solving Federations’ concerns about the exercise

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) President Eng. Moses Magogo says the local football institution is committed fully to meeting the registration guidelines set by the National council of Sports (NCS).

However FUFA is still disturbed by statements inclusive of deadlines being issued being made by NCS over the registration exercise.

While addressing the media at the Weekly press conference in Mengo at FUFA House on Wednesday, the FUFA President maintained that all documents were forwarded in 2014 to NCS.

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo at today’s weekly press conference in Mengo.

‘The only area causing issues is the registration under Trusteeship which contravenes with the FIFA Statutes. Let us not get excited about this process. We need to serve the public and not front personal interests ‘said Magogo

FUFA has already received a letter from FIFA dated 26th May, 2016 clearly stating that registration under the Trusteeship contravenes its Statutes.

Part of the letter reads ‘Based on the correspondence you provided us with and the information in our files, we inform you that we deem in accordance with our explanations in the correspondence sated 30th September 2013 that the incorporation of FUFA under  Trustees Incorporation Acts seems to be in contravention of the FIFA statutes’

‘Equally, we would be grateful if you could keep us regularly updated on the evolution of discussions between the Government authorities and the FUFA in connection with the Trustees Incorporation Act.

Moreover, FIFA is ready to organize, if necessary, a mission in Uganda and to hold discussions with the relevant authorities about the issues at stake’

Magogo also revealed FUFA’s concern why the exercise is being
hurriedly done by NCS.

‘We are law abiding citizens but the position being sold by NCS that we don’t want to be controlled is incorrect. We need regulations that will benefit all sports federations. Deadlines will not help develop sports in the country. NCS needs to understand the concerns of FUFA and other Federations in this exercise’ said the FUFA President.

FUFA wrote to NCS on 4th May, 2016 but a response is yet to be received on four key points highlighted in the letter.

Key points in the FUFA letter to NCS;
•       FUFA will register with the NCS under the new regulations
•       Notified NCS that there is a clash in opinion by Government Legal
and FIFA Legal on the registration of FUFA under the Trustee
Incorporation Act
•       Request for a Letter to recommend FUFA to the Ministry of Lands to
start the process of Trusteeship Incorporation
•       FUFA requests for more time till October for the Constitution to be
amended to match the NCS regulations.

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