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Odilo 2023 (Girls): Safeguarding Induction Carried Out

At the end of day two of the ongoing FUFA Primary Schools Championship (Odilo) 2023, the participating players in the competition were briefed about their rights, both on and off the pitch

The twenty-minute session was conducted in the presence of Dr. Apollo Ahimbisibwe, the Odilo Vice Chairperson and a member of the FUFA Executive Committee; Sarah Birungi, the FUFA Safeguarding Officer; Miriam Makeba, a member of the Odilo Organising Committee; and Bashir Mutyaba, the Youth Development Manager.

The FUFA Safeguarding Officer, Sarah Birungi, introduced the program to the participating teams.

“At FUFA, we have a new initiative called child safeguarding, designed to provide a safe environment for you to play football. In football, you have the right to play, the right to develop, and the right to be heard. We are here to ensure that you are fully protected. You need to know where to report if you are abused. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.” – Sarah Birungi, FUFA Safeguarding Officer

While addressing the participants, Dr. Apollo Ahimbisibwe encouraged them to always give their best in everything they do.

“I welcome you all to the FUFA Technical Centre, where football is learned. The reason you girls are here is because you are going to replace the current national team players. Success belongs to those who persist, not those who give up. I encourage you to always strive to be the best. You are already the best in the regions you come from.” – Dr. Apollo Ahimbisibwe

The Youth Development Manager, Bashir Mutyaba, encouraged the participants to use football for development, both on and off the pitch.

“YYou can use football for development, not only on the pitch but also beyond it. Football can serve as a tool to support your learning at school. Through football, we can make friends whom we can rely on in the future, stay fit, and learn how to cooperate with others.” – Bashir Mutyba, Youth Development Manager

Miriam Makeba, a school representative at FUFA, encouraged the participants to continue with their academics.

“I am encouraging all of you who are here today, and I hope to see you in Odilo next year. I encourage you not to abandon your talent after this event. For those of you heading to secondary school, continue developing your talent so that one day you can replace the current national team players. Let’s not neglect academics. Stay focused in primary school. And to the girls who are here, if anyone has ever said something negative to you, tell them they are wrong.” – Miriam Makeba, Schools Representative at FUFA

Over two hundred eighty-eight (288) participants were present at the induction.

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