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Why Odilo for the Primary Schools Championship

FUFA launched a new tournament called ‘Odilo’ on Wednesday morning at FUFA House designed for grassroots football to be played by Primary Schools in Uganda.

However how much do you know about the choice of  word ‘Odilo’ for FUFA’s newest baby on the 13 strong lCompetitions list organsied by FUFA.

The FUFA Finance Director Decolas Kiiza patiently told the story during the press conference.

Once upon a time there lived two brothers, Gipir and Labongo who moved South from the land called Bahel-Gazel and settled in present-day West Nile with their families and children.

Due to inter-family jostles and glitches involving the loss and recovery of the Royal Spear from the wilderness by Gipir and the extraction of a bead from Labongo’s daughter’s ripped stomach, the two brothers decided to part ways.

Consequently, on one morning at a place called Wang-Lei in present-day Pakwach they buried an axe and parted ways.

FUFA Finance Decolas Kiiza while briefing the media at FUFA House on the choice of the word ‘Odilo’ for the Primary School Championship. Odilo means ball among the ALur and Luo Communities.

Gipir and his family took the area west of the Nile and became the Alur Community while Labongo moved eastwards settling off through Acholi, Lango, Bunyoro, Bukedi up to areas of Western Kenya as Luo Community.

Amongst the Alur was born a boy called ODILO in the remote village of Pavungu.

While a teenager, Odilo ventured his way to Kampala where he found a group of boys kicking around object which excited him very much.

He manoeuvred and sneaked away with the round object up to Pavungu imagine in two days!

L-R;  Grace Abalo, FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo,  Under Secretary Ministry of Education and Sports Aggrey Kibenge and 2nd FUFA President Darius Mugoye

The youths and men of Pavungu were so agitated and started playing using the round object on the guidelines of Odilo and easily named it Odilo which would later turn out to be the BALL and the game, Football.

Odilo spread out to the Greater Northern Uganda that hosts two FUFA Regional Football Associations of West Nile and Northern like wildfire.

In recognition of the Alur, the people of Pavungu, the Greater Northern Uganda and Odilo himself, the FUFA Executive Committee decided that the newly introduced FUFA Primary Schools Championship to be played across Uganda hereby named “ODILO”.

MAIN PHOTO: Official Logo of the FUFA Primary Schools Championship ‘Odilo” 

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