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OPINION: FUFA’s new logo

By Ahmed Hussein (FUFA Spokesperson )

FUFA is right to patent its logo

Fake products including football equipment have dominated Ugandan market. Surprisingly football fans are happy to buy them. I know there have been efforts to curb the vice but some people are adamant and never mind about the efforts put in by others to secure the patent rights of their products. In sports, it is common practice for various consumers to comfortably walk in a sports shop and buy a jersey only to be duped that it is ‘original’ or the official jersey of a particular club or national team.

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) on Thursday unveiled its new logo replacing the old one which had the two crested Crane and a ball. Like it is the norm world over, change at times is never welcomed with open hands and positivity. The new logo has already received disturbing comments from the public but the fans need to welcome the change. The Uganda Cranes has never had a logo.

I think the explanations on the new logos are simple and clear. The five stars on the FUFA logo indicate the federation’s five bodies-The General Assembly, FUFA Executive Committee, Standing committees, Judicial bodies and Secretariat. I know there have been concerns already with the use of stars which many people thought indicate the number of times a team has been champion of a particular championship.

The most important thing is for the football lovers to know that now the FUFA logo has been patented, there will be chance for the federation to make some revenue which will be spent on various projects.

In the past it was very tough for FUFA to actually claim that they owned the crested crane logo. They had no powers to stop people from buying the jerseys from various people or even importing them. Now it will be very clear for those who try to manipulate the patenting rights if they use the new FUFA logo without permission. It will be challenging but people need to know that one can’t easily use other party’s logos without their consent.

Let’s embrace the change and FUFA believes it has laid the foundation for the future generation regarding patenting rights of the federation’s logo and those for the various competitions and awards.

Photo: FUFA President Engineer Moses Magogo unveiling the federation’s new logo last week in Mengo

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