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Orange African Nations Championship 2016: Sibomana excited to drive the Uganda Cranes in Rwanda

When Muhammed Sibomana was informed he was to be the official driver for the Uganda Cranes at the Orange African Nations Championship 2016, in Rwanda, he chest thumped in celebration.

The Ugandan born driver whose experience behind the wheels dates as far back as the last 20 years had a reason to smile.

In an exclusive interview with, Sibomana said it was his wish to be given Uganda among the 16 countries at the tournament.

Muhammed Sibomana with the Uganda Cranes head of delegation to the 2016 CHAN tournament, Hamid Juma, also a FUFA Executive Committee member

“I prayed that they give me Uganda Cranes and my wish was granted. I love Uganda because it is my country of birth.”

Sibomana was born in Kisoro, a place he left in the year 2005 for greener pastures in Rwanda.

“My family still lives in Kisoro. I work in Rwanda and visit them often. I have had a great chance to see the players and coaches of Uganda I normally listen to during matches. My team at the CHAN Tournament is Uganda and I love watching them play”

The father of one daughter and four sons praises his boss, Olivier Nizeyimana, the owner of the Volcano buses, that were hired to offer transport to all the teams and the CHAN 2016 local organizing committee.

“He (Nizeyimana) loves football and owns a team, Rayon Sports. He has been supportive to me ever since I came to Rwanda”

The Uganda Cranes players and the officials all like the driver because he is time cautious, social and hard working. He has always been picking players from Le Belvedere Hotel to training sessions and back on time.


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