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PLAYERS REGISTRATION: National passports- a requirement for UPL and Big League clubs

  • Passports mandatory for all players in the Azam Uganda Premier League and FUFA Big League next season
  • FUFA to help Ugandan players with recommendations to the immigration office
  • Foreign players to use passports issued by their respective countries
  • Lincensing process starts on 1st July, 2015
  • A Circular is a directive not a request
  • Communication was sent to the clubs on 10th April,2015

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has made the National Passport as a mandatory document to be submitted by clubs with players who will feature in the Azam Uganda Premier League (AUPL)and FUFA Big League (FBL) next season.

In a Circular No.1012 signed by the FUFA Chief Executive Officer Edgar Watson and communicated to all the clubs playing in the AUPL and FBL, the federation wants to streamline registration of players to be able to comply appropriately with the player data requirements in football systems.

Part of the Circular reads

‘The National passport verified copy shall be a compulsory document to be uploaded in the registration of players to obtain a new or renewed license to play for any club in the Uganda Premier League and FUFA Big League or next season 2015-2016’

FUFA has also informed clubs that they are committed to assisting the clubs by providing recommendation letters for players who are Ugandans to the Immigration Department (Ministry of Internal Affairs) only when endorsed by the Uganda Football Players Association (UFPA).

The communication further reads

‘Clubs and players are advised to start processing their new or renew their valid passports so that the registration or issuance of Players Licenses is not delayed or denied due to lack of possession of a valid passport’

The foreign players playing in Uganda will be required to upload their passports issued by their respective countries’ authorities.
The process of licensing players for the 2015-2016 season is expected to start on 1st July, 2015.


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