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Procedure for Registration of Players for the season 2012/13

Pursuant to FIFA and FUFA Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players and further to our earlier communication (Our ref:  FCC/GEN/2012/007/003) regarding players registration and club licensing program with FUFA, FCC (as delegated by FUFA) has issued the procedure of player registration.

Copies of various forms have been sent to your respective mails. Players, respective clubs, and FUFA are required to submit information and endorse by signature and stamp as appropriate.

The Chart of Forms also sent to clubs detail the various forms/attachments required depending on the status code of each player. The Status Code defines the status of each player in regard to the new registration by considering which status he was the previous season (2011/12) and what he is going to be in the new season (2012/13).

FCC will only process registration for players whose information has been correctly and completely filled and submitted by the closure of the FUFA primary players’ registration window thus 23rd September 2012.

Clubs are also reminded to consider the minimum contract content requirements progressively issued by FUFA as contracts without these requirements may not be used to safeguard the club in an international player transfer transaction on the FIFA Transfer Matching System.

Clubs should also ensure that their players’ contracts are witnessed by the FUFA CEO before they are accepted as a true record in the licensing system.

Please do not hesitate to get back to Mr. Kiiza Decolas, Secretary Competitions Committee or any member/staff of the FCC for further explanation.

For the Good of the Game

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