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Provisional Working Arrangements at FUFA in view of the Covid -19 Situation

Dear Football stakeholders,

As you are aware, H.E. President of the Republic of Uganda General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has this evening addressed the Nation and relayed to all citizens guidelines to be observed during a 32- day period in the fight against the deadly virus (COVID-19).

FUFA wishes to urge its stakeholders to join the fight against this pandemic by observing the hygiene practices and Standards Operation Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH):

1. Wash your hands frequently with Soap and water or use alcohol based hand rub.
2. When sneezing or coughing cover your nose and mouth, use tissue or clean handkerchief and dispose it safely.
3. Avoid shaking hands and hugging at all times.
4. When sick with flu like symptoms avoid going to public gathering, stay at home to avoid infecting others.
5. Avoid spitting in public, spit in toilet or pit latrine.
6. Avoid unnecessary travels especially to countries with COVID-19 or if you have any symptoms.
7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.
8. Keep a distance from the next person (1 metre).
9. When sick with fever, cough or difficulty in breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

FUFA also announces that during this 32 days period (till Sunday 19th April 2020) or as advised otherwise;

1. All FUFA authorised competitions will remain suspended suffice to say the Uganda Premier League (UPL) , the FUFA Big League (FBL), the FUFA Juniors League (FJL), the FUFA Regional League (FRL), the 4th Division League, the 5th Division League, the FUFA Women Super League (FWSL), the FUFA Women Elite League (FWEL), the FUFA Uganda Cup, the FUFA Women Cup, the Futsal and Beach Soccer Leagues and all FUFA authorised competitions.

2. The FUFA Secretariat henceforth be closed to the public but the FUFA Staff will be available by telephone and email.

3. Receipt of correspondence in hard copy form will be limited.

4. The FUFA Secretariat communication channels will remain open with all official emails especially

5. All staff are advised to use Thursday 19th March 2020 and Friday 20th March 2020 collect their children from school to meet the Government of Uganda (GOU) guidelines.

FUFA strongly recommends to the football family to strictly observe the measures, guidelines, and SoPs issued by the Government of Uganda and Ministry of Health to be healthy beyond this pandemic.

In case of any emergencies and critical information, report to +256 772 408 661.

It is Our Game, It is Our Country.

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