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Question and Answer session with left back Sumaya Komuntale

Sumaya Komuntale has made the left back position her own both on the Uganda U20 and Crested Cranes where she earned her debut last year.

At first sight, she give you an impression of a lazy person but Komuntale has no challenge roving the left flank and adds perfection from dead balls.

FUFA Communications Department had a Question and Answer session with the ‘ Princess of Tooro’ and below are the excerpt

Sumaya Komuntale during training

Question: How do you feel being part of the Uganda U20 Women’s National Team?

Answer: I feel so happy and blessed to be part of this wining team. It has been hard work since I joined, right from the U17 National team two years ago. I’m so proud of it.

Question: You started out as a midfielder but you have since shifted to defence and now among the best left backs in the country. How did you manage to make the transition?

Answer: Yes of course, I started as a midfielder but now I enjoy playing as a left back. During the time we played at U17, I was the only left footed player on the team, the coach (Ayub Khalifa Kiyingi) decided to try using me as a left winger and he later ended up pushing me to the back. I had to accept and I adopted to it. I believed in myself and now I enjoy playing as a left back.

Question: Naturally, which position do you feel comfortable when playing?

Answer: Obviously, its left back, I enjoy the spaces on the flanks and taking crosses. I like crossing the ball because so many times I make assists from them.

Sumaya Komuntale controlling the ball during a practice match

Question: How Important was it to you being summoned to the Senior Team (Crested Cranes) for the first time and even went ahead to make a debut against Ethiopia?

Answer: I was so proud and excited. It motivated me a lot because I worked so hard to be on the final 18 team. There were very many left footed players on the team but I did my best during training. The coaches believed in me and picked me as a starter. It was a great experience playing with senior players on the team. I did my best and created the first goal against Ethiopia that Reticia Nabbosa scored.

Question: What experience did you gain from being part of the senior Team?

Answer: Playing against senior opponents is not easy at all. Ethiopia had very many experienced players that had confidence on the ball. It was a challenge to me to find a way how I could defend and win the ball from them. I learnt a lot from the two games we played. Now I know how to handle any opponent that comes my way.

Question: How do you manage to score goals from set pieces?

Answer: I give it time and passion, I practice set-pieces so many times. I believe in myself and I feel I have the talent to score even more than I do.

Question: How do you feel as defender having two goals in FIFA U20 World Cup Qualifiers?

Answer: I feel great, it’s a sign of honor to score for your country. Scoring is not that easy, it takes a lot of commitment, love and passion for the game. It’s hard to defender well and score in a match. I thank God for blessing me and do things that are not easy for defenders to do.

Question: How Important will it be to you and the Country if we qualify for U20 World Cup?

Answer: World Cup is a very big tournament, everyone has a dream to be there one day and to me it’s the same case. It’s a life changing tournament and I believe if we make it, my life and that of my teammates will never be the same.

Question: What are your ambitions in football?

Answer: I want to be one of the greatest left backs in the country and also play in biggest clubs in Europe.

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