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We are ready to win in Ethiopia, says Uganda U-17 women head coach Ayub

Training Match: U17 national women team 6-0 Select Side
The Uganda U-17 girls team is set and will be playing for nothing less than a win in Bahar Dar, Ethiopia according to Ayub Khalifa Kiyingi the head coach.
After a week long preparation the team this evening played a practice match which according to the coach was used to assess individual players and departments about their readiness for the return leg fixture of the first round of the FIFA U17 Women World Cup Qualifiers against Ethiopia On January 26th away.
Though a draw would be enough for the team to advance to the second round Ayub says they are going to play for a win and that is what he has prepared his team for.
Fauzia Najjemba in action during the first leg against Ethiopia at StarTimes Stadium, Lugogo. Uganda won 2-0
We could have won with a 5-0 goal margin in the first leg if we had converted our chances in the first leg especially in first half. We have spent a better part of our training working on our attack and conversion of the chances created. We have used this practice match to assess the players and the different departments of the team and I can assure you now the team is ready to go and get that win from Ethiopia. I am pleased with the way the girls play, attacking with speed and defending as a unit among other things.‘ Ayub noted.
The team is set to fly out on Friday morning at 3 AM aboard the Ethiopian Airlines and arrive in Bahar Dar at 8.30 am via Addis Ababa.
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