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Referees’ Manual almost ready

The referees who handle the FUFA Super League and Big League matches have been assured of total support from the federation in execution of their work. The meeting was called by the FUFA President Engineer Moses Magogo through the FUFA Referees Standing Committee. Over 50 referees, match assessors and commissioners attended the meeting today morning at FUFA headquarters in Mengo.  In attendance from the Executive were:  Mujib Kasule-FSL Vice President and Chairman FUFA technical committee, Sam Mpima-chairman FUFA referees standing committee and executive committee member, Justus Mugisha 1st VP FUFA and Yusuf Kamulegeya-member FUFA referees standing committee.  The CEO of FUFA also attended the meeting.

Magogo appreciated the work being done by the referees and noted the hard time they face while trying to perform their duties on the pitch. It was the first time the Magogo led executive was meeting the referees since coming into office in September.

‘I treasure your work. You are key stakeholders in football and you add a lot of value to it’ said Magogo. 

He revealed that the federation has a vision for refereeing in Uganda which will be put to use when the inaugural referees’ manual is finally released.  According to Magogo, the manual is aimed at helping on how refereeing can be managed in the country in terms of what they are required to do, the appointments process, records, following the laws of the game and analysis of what they do on and off the pitch. The manual will also will also cater for the tabulation of referees statistics in terms of games officiated. 

On the assessment of referees, the president said that the Manual would still bring out fairness and a transparent system which must be followed while coming up with a final list.

‘Referees have a huge role in marketing football but that depends on what they do on the pitch’ added Magogo.

On the development and recruitment new referees, Magogo further said it is a key area as the fruits must be seen in future. He told referees that former FIFA referees like Charles Masembe and assistant Ali Tomusange left a strong legacy which Ugandan football fans are proud of.

He called upon the referees to conduct them-selves in a manner that would earn them respect in the public. He noted that the FRSC through its disciplinary committee should be in position to handle matters related to referees discipline.

He requested the referees to embrace the manual which he said would improve on the way they go about their roles. .

He informed them that there will be three categories of referees starting this year with the following badges: FIFA badge, FUFA badge and regional badge. He is confident that this process will improve in the area of refereeing.

‘Referees must be role models. Football is supposed to be a beautiful game for every-body to enjoy. You need to lead by example so that society appreciates your work’ said Magogo.

He cautioned referees to avoid involving themselves in activities like betting that would put their reputation and integrity into question by the public and football lovers.

On the fitness of referees, Magogo noted that refereeing is athletic which requires them to be in top most condition for a good performance.

‘It is very disappointing for a referee to fail a physical fitness test’ added Magogo.

The process of how referees get awarded badges in future will be based on their performance on the pitch.

‘Referees should perform on the pitch. The manual will eliminate all the patronage you have complained about. The Manual will be very simple and clear on how the referees will be assigned for duty’ said Magogo.

On payment of referees, the President assured them that they would get their arrears partially settled by 31st January as they find other means of how to clear the remainder.

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