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Regional chairmen urged to lead football development

The chairmen of the 8 Regional Football Associations have been asked to play a key role in reviving and taking football to the lower levels as per the FUFA statutes.

In a meeting held in today afternoon at FUFA house in Mengo where the regional leaders also met the FUFA president Engineer Moses Magogo and his executive members, they were tasked to have a keen eye on football activities in their regions.

The forum was used to discuss developmental issues concerning Ugandan football.

‘Regionalizing football starts with the chairmen that leads others to follow’ said FUFA president Magogo. 

He advised the regional leaders to be strong while starting up football development projects country wide.

Magogo said it is important for the regional football associations to create their own avenues for finances and activities but admits that it is a challenging venture though achievable. 

With each region set to receive 10 million shillings to act as start-up finance t help in setting up a secretariat, paying for the office administrator and hiring the premises for the offices,  FUFA believe that football will be getting closer to the regions.

‘Activation of governance of regional activities is a key element to football development. This money will not solve all the problems at regional level but it will give us a kick start for greater things in future’ added Magogo.

The regional chairmen were also guided on how to manage the finances s they will be required to apply for the grant and spent specifically on projects indicated by each region on the forms and blessed by FUFA. The application must be in line with the following areas: Hiring a Secretary who is paid, an office, hold meetings for the region to discuss football development, Annual General Assemblies, organize courses and buy footballs. However he called on the regional chairmen to exercise the highest levels of integrity.

‘This money should not excite anybody. Accountability is important because FIFA auditors will audit for money sent to their member National Football Associations’ said Magogo.

Some of the regional chairmen and Executive committee members who attended the meeting welcomed the idea.  

 ‘The money can’t be enough to run every football activity in the region but it will give a good start for those who are new in office’ Justus Mugisha-FUFA 1st Vice president, Chairman FUFA standing committee member Associations.

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