Monday, November 30, 2020
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Exclusive Live coverage: Regional League play-offs on Facebook, 102.1 FUFA fm

FUFA has confirmed that another set of mouth watering games involving 16 FUFA Regional clubs and FUFA Women Elite League will swing into action on Thursday 22nd October 2020.

All the action will be Exclusively live on 1021. FUFA fm and Facebook- Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

There will be 12 FUFA Regional Legaue Playoff matches and One (1) FUFA Women Elite League Play off.

According to the FUFA Communications Director Ahmed Hussein, all these 13 matches will be broadcast Exclusively Live on 102.1 FUFA fm and Facebook- Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

Kitara team captain Maxwel Owachgui during the post match interviews.

‘In the new normal where the fans have not been able to access the playing venue, FUFA is committed to broadcast live the proceedings from all the matches to the fans at the convenience in their home steads, offices and on their mobile phones with excellent live streaming. We remain indebted to serve you at all times’ Ahmed Hussein, FUFA Communications Director remarks.

The play offs will kick off with a double header of Buganda Region Teams as Buwambo FC engages Luweero United during the early kick off at 10 a.m

Then, Edgars Youth will entertain CATDA in the subsequent fixture at 2pm in the Kampala Region battle.

One of the pitch side cameramen on duty to capture all the action in Njeru.
Social media team on duty

Regional play offs:

21st October 2020 – Arrival of Buwambo United, Edgars, Catda, Luweero United

Buganda: 22nd October 2020 – Buwambo United Vs Luweero United – 10 am (Njeru)

Kampala: 22nd October 2020 – Edgars Vs Catda – 2 pm (Njeru)

23rd October 2020 – Rest Day

24th October 2020 – Final: Buwambo United or Luweero United Vs Edgars Vs Catda – 12 pm (Njeru)

24th October 2020 – Arrival of Gadafi, Sansiro, Admin, Team Church

Eastern: 25th October 2020 – Gadafi Vs Admin – 10 am (Njeru)

North East: 25th October 2020 – Sansiro Vs Team Church – 2 pm (Njeru)

26th October 2020 – Rest Day

27th October 2020 -Final: Gadafi or Admin Vs Sansiro or Team Church – 12 pm (Njeru)

27th October 2020: Arrival for Asingye, Booma, Kigezi, Terrazo & Tiles

Kitara: 28thOctober 2020: Asingye Vs Booma – 10 am (Njeru)

Western: 28th October 2020: Terrazo & Tiles Vs Kigezi – 2 pm (Njeru)

29th October 2020: Rest Day

30th October 2020: Asingye or Booma Vs Terrazo & Tile Vs Kigezi (12 pm) – Njeru

30th October 2020: Arrival for Young Elephant, Calvary, Hot Springs, Northern Gateway

Northern: 31st October 2020: Young Elephant Vs Northern Gateway – 10 am (Njeru)

West Nile: 31st October 2020: Calvary Vs Hot Springs – 2 pm (Njeru)

1st November 2020: Rest Day

2nd November 2020: Young Elephant or Northern Gateway Vs Calvary Vs Hot Springs

2nd November 2020: Arrivals for Aubo Gafford, Tooro Queens

3rd November 2020: Asubo Gafford Vs Tooro Queens