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SC Villa, Express, Masaka face Disciplinary Action

Masaka LC Chairperson, Mr. Kalungi (with mic) will have to defend his position before the Disciplinary committee for defying association football rules when he allowed his club to take part in matches not sanctioned by FUFA.

FUFA has learnt of an act of defiance of the association football rules by three FUFA Super League registered clubs in the names of Express SC, Masaka LC and SC Villa that participated in matches purported to have been played under the National league tier arrangement.

The Federation wishes to distance itself from this unsporting behaviour and re-affirms its earlier position that the FUFA Super League will kick off officially on Tuesday September 25.

FUFA therefore recommends that the three clubs (Express SC, Masaka LC and SC Villa) appear before the FUFA Disciplinary Committee on charges of contravening association football rules.  Maroons FC, a fourth team in this fracas has been left out since it never signed our compliance forms and as a result they are not controlled by association football rules.

If proved guilty, both the club officials and the players (dully registered with FUFA) will face disciplinary action. FUFA will later after consulting the Disciplinary Committee fix the date of appearance.     


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