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SC Villa Jogoo, Express, KCCA FC: We are not part of any court process against FUFA

The Chairmen of the three Uganda football giants SC Villa Jogoo, Express FC and KCCA FC have communicated to FUFA in a joint statement distancing themselves from any court process undertaken by an institution or individuals against FUFA on matters regarding the Azam Uganda Premier League

In a statement communicated to the FUFA CEO Edgar Watson by SC Villa Jogoo President Ben Misaga, KCCA FC Chairman Julius Ray Kabugo and Express FC Chairman Francis Ntalazi, the trio insists that they are thankful of FUFA for steps taken to professionalise the game of football in Uganda.

The clubs that are members of FUFA further pledge to play their part in developing football.

The full joint statement with a subject matter Azam Uganda Premier League reads;

We take this opportunity to thank FUFA for the activities undertaken to develop the game of football in Uganda and as Clubs we pledge to do our part.

We are looking forward to the new season that commences on 22nd August 2015 and another exciting season with much hope that our fans will be satisfied with the football product that we shall deliver.

You will appreciate that all clubs have adequately prepared for the season and we are gearing for a very competitive season.

Whereas adequate preparations for the league have been underway, we are not happy with the way matters of the Azam Uganda Premier League are being handled and as the three clubs, in here is our joint official position.

  • We have prepared our teams through the preseason at a cost and do not desire any situation that will hinder us from starting the league. Football Administrators can always have differences but this MUST not affect playing football at all times.
  • As the three clubs, we are presenting our joint clubs’ rights to potential sponsors and these wrangles are only failing us in this objective. We wish to start playing football without the unnecessary wrangles so that our financiers, fans, current and potential sponsors benefit from the teams on the Pitch and on TV
  • We are football clubs that are engaged in playing football for our fans and sponsors and shall not allow to be used for political and individual interests.
  • We do not approve taking disputes of the league to courts of law. This is inconsistent with the spirit of FUFA, CAF and FIFA Statutes and besides a lot of the clubs’ money will be diverted to pay legal fees. We have not been consulted for the decision to undertake litigation of any form and therefore we do not expect any legal fees to be charged off the sponsorship money. We have already lost over UGX 50 Million in legal fees and this money alone would be enough to buy over 150 pieces of balls at a rate of USD 100 per piece which would have been more beneficial to the clubs. To us this is wasteful expenditure. We are therefore not ready to commit more funds to any court fees. Football money should be spent on football not dispute resolution as football has never been a war.
  • It’s high time that we demonstrated to the football loving community that as members of the same family can always have disagreements but have them settled amicably. It’s the only accepted approach that our stakeholders will appreciate and support. It’s also a sign of respect to one another.
  • We are also aware that since the 16 clubs are direct members of FUFA, we are bound by FUFA Rules and consequently there is nothing wrong with the FSL board responding by following the guidance of FUFA or responding formally instead of opting for the expensive litigation process at the cost of clubs yet without consulting and approval of clubs.
  • It is also only prudent that since the term of the board has expired, let us follow the FUFA guidelines and elect a new board and this will avail an opportunity for the newly promoted clubs to exercise their civic rights and will be acceptable to all of us.
  • We pledge to support the process of professionalization and we believe that good corporate governance practices shall only improve our game. We are also aware that this call is not for only the three clubs but many others
  • It is therefore our call that FUFA invites all Club Chairmen together with FUFA to find a way forward at the earliest opportunity.

We shall remain awaiting your response to our call.

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