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SPORTS REGULATIONS: We need a modern day sports Act -FUFA

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) is in receipt of the new Statutory Instruments 2014 No.38 after the launch today by the Minister of Education and Sports Hon Jessica Alupo at Mandela National Stadium.

FUFA as a law abiding body will internalize the received new regulations through consultation with the Members

FUFA has been one of the most compliant National Sports Associations with the National Council of Sports fulfilling most of the requirements now included in the regulations.

Hon Alupo’s statement on new National Council of sports Regulations

On the matter of the legal personality of FUFA, our two objectives have always been and are to obtain a status that ensures our continued compliance with the FIFA Statutes and a status that allows us to trade in the Ugandan law so that we obtain resources and infrastructure to support football development.

FIFA on the Status of FUFA

Should the Members of FUFA find an option that allows us to achieve both objectives within the new regulations, we shall definitely opt for that.

However, should the members find that one or both objectives can’t be achieved within the new regulations we shall use acceptable means in the law to find a revision of the regulations. 

Notwithstanding the above, as FUFA we insist that the 1964 NCS ACT cannot give birth to a legal regime to regulate Sports 50 years later.

We urgently need a modern-day sports ACT that accommodates both the business approach to the sports industry and governance structures accommodated in international affiliations. The former British colonies like Tanzania (1971), Kenya (2012), and Ghana (1976) have all amended the same British Colonial ACT. Even Uganda must overhaul the Act to provide a legal frame work.

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