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FUFA Volunteers Programme

FUFA Volunteers Programme

The beautiful game of football has got players and coaches as the main actors and stars.

However, football has a group of unsung heroes who are never in the eyes of cameras and public to become stars. The cameras will never pay attention to what they do but FUFA believes that without them services on match days and at FUFA events may not meet the expectations of the fans, players, team delegations, invited guests and the event organisers.

In a bid to improve delivery of services at our events, FUFA has introduced a programme for Volunteers called ‘FUFA Volunteer Programme’

The FUFA Volunteer Programme will see volunteers take part in planning, guiding, transporting, welcoming teams, carrying flags, ball boys/ball girls and any other activity as will be listed by the FUFA Event/or Match Organiser.

The FUFA Volunteer Programme will consist of applicants filling and completing application form, attending an interview, accepting the role offer, attending training, selecting shifts and letting FUFA know what one can do depending on listed activities/assignments.

The application exercise will start this Friday 31st May 2024 and end on 2nd June 2024 FUFA will communicate to successful applicants only.

Volunteering is a voluntary and unpaid commitment; however, selected successful volunteers will receive a variety of other benefits and have an experience of a lifetime by being part of a FUFA event.

Fill the form above and submit thereafter.

In case of any inquires, please send to

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