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The FUFA Drum 2022: Talking points from the round of 16

The FUFA Drum returned after a two-year lull due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 . With the 2020 and 2021 editions not played, football enthusiasts quenched for the coming back of a tournament that not only gives thrilling action on pitch but also offers a precious moment for people to celebrate their ancestry.

Action between Ankole and Lango in Ibanda.

The round of 16 for the third edition successfully came to a climax last weekend and the 8 quarterfinalists are now known.

They are;

1- Kampala
2- Buganda
3- West Nile
4- Lango
5- Acholi
6- Tooro
7- Teso
8- Bugisu

In this article, FUFA Media Team looks at the key ten talking points from the previous round and what to expect ahead.

Giants sail through

For every competition, there are favorites and teams that are more powerful than the rest. Equally, the round of 16 portrayed this with men separated from boys.

Defending Champions Acholi saw off Bunyoro to progress, inaugural winners Buganda overcame Kigezi while Lango, Kampala and West Nile also beat their opponents to advance.

Lango Province Team
Tooro Province Team
West Nile Province
Teso Province
Kampala Province Team
Acholi Province Team
Bugisu Province Team
Buganda Province Team

Historic feat of having games live on TV

For the first time ever, all the games were broadcast live on television. The entry of FUFA Tv into the football arena has come with several advantages, offering an opportunity for people far away from their provinces to watch games live.

For instance games involving Acholi, West Nile and Lango registered big numbers that watched via the FUFA TV YouTube Channel.

Additionally, the tournament has received great coverage from print and conventional media.

Passion and culture on the show

To many, football is a religion and the passion exhibited by fans of different Provinces tell it all. This blended with culture has given the FUFA Drum a unique aspect experienced no where else.

On matchdays, fans throng different grounds to show support to players who they are closely connected to either by blood or language.

At the round of 16, Acholi and Lango home games were crowd pullers and indeed FUFA Drum’s theme of “Celebrating Our Ancestry” was at display.

Thrilling action, plethora of goals scored

What is football without goals? Definitely that would be boring. Whereas some ties were too close to call, goals have been registered in the games played at the round.

For example, games between between Bugisu and Sebei produced 11 goals including a 4-4 draw in the return leg.

A total of 32 goals were scored at the round of 16.

Bugisu’s Usama leads the scoring charts

The race for the top scorer’s gong will be tight if the opening round is anything to go by.

However, Arafat Usama from Bugisu Province took the helm and already leads the scoring chart with four goals.

The forward who plies his trade at KCCA FC scored a brace against Sebei both home and away.

Ibrahim Dada follows closely with three goals. He also scored home and away against Karamoja.

Bunyoro show football is more than a game

Football has great impact in the transformation of society in different ways. The games goes beyond 90 minutes of action on pitch and often used by many as a unifying factor of society.

Bunyoro Province proved that regardless of Acholi being opponents on pitch, football is about sharing and fairplay.

A delegation from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom led by Prime Minister Owek. Andrew Byakutaga paid a courtesy visit to Ker Kwaro Acholi with the aim of strengthening the bond between the two kingdoms.

Round of 16 results

Matchday 1
Lango 0-0 Ankole
Bukedi 1-1 Kampala
Busoga 1-2 Teso
Bugisu 3-0 Sebei

Matchday 2
West Nile 5-0 Karamoja
Kigezi 0-0 Buganda
Bunyoro 0-0 Acholi
Tooro 1-0 Rwenzori

Matchday 3
Karamoja 0-1 West Nile
Buganda 2-1 Kigezi
Acholi 1-0 Bunyoro
Kampala 3-0 Bukedi

Matchday 4
Ankole 0-1 Lango
Sebei 4-4 Bugisu
Rwenzori 0-0 Tooro
Teso 1-1 Busoga

The draw for the quarterfinals will be conducted on Monday, 29th August at FUFA House. It should be noted the quarterfinal fixtures will also be played on home and away basis with the winner on aggregate progressing to the next stage.

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