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The FUFA Drum: A football tournament enhancing Cultural Connection as Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Premier visits Ker Kwaro Acholi

The FUFA Drum has continued to deliver cultural connections both on and off the pitch. Launched in 2018 by FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim, the tournament has
provided a platform for football stakeholders to celebrate their ancestry from all corners around
the country with the 16 Provinces all in action.

Former Uganda Cranes skipper Denis Onyango displays a draw as Cranes legend Jimmy Kirunda (L) and acting competitions direct Hajati Aisha Nalule looks on during the draws for the inaugural FUFA Drum competition in 2018.

The FUFA Drum has been able to bring together the young, the old, leaders at the cultural and political level. The business community has not
been left while the religious leaders have also followed the tournament keenly.

Matches involving Acholi Province have created unbelievable excitement and attraction. The
Acholi fans always make a statement wherever they go. The opponents they take on, have
never disappointed either.

A section of Acholi Province fans at the Pece War Memorial Stadium during the 2019 FUFA Drum semi-finals against Bugisu.

With the adjusted format for this season, Acholi landed a fixture against Bunyoro Province. It was a fixture made in heaven as fans of both teams welcomed the two matches. As the coaches of the two teams planned for tactics and team formations, the cultural leaders had different ideas as they looked at how to strengthen further the cultural ties between the Provinces.

Action between Bunyoro and Acholi at Masindi Stadium.

Over the weekend, the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Owek. Andrew Byakutaga paid a courtesy call to Ker Kwaro Acholi. The Premier was accompanied by his wife Rose Byakutaga, the Clerk of Bunyoro Kitara Parliament Moses Atuha, David Basigirenda who is an administrator in Kabumba’s office and Rogers Byamukama, a FUFA Executive Member and Chairman of the FUFA Drum football tournament.

The Rt. Hon Byakutaga is an ardent football fan. He was involved in the post-match ceremonies
when he handed over the Man of the Match award to Hudu Mulikyi after Acholi edged Bunyoro at Pece Stadium in Gulu.

Owek. Andrew Byakutaga hands over the man of the match accolade to Acholi midfielder Hudu Mulikyi.

He said the visit is one of the avenues of strengthening the bond between Acholi and

The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Premier was received by David Okello the Personal Assistant to the Acholi Paramount Chief, Jacob Kilama the Director of Programs and cult heal Bernard Loum, the Secretary & Corporate Affairs Director at Ker Kwaro Acholi.

The Acholi leaders listed food security, cultural preservation, peace building, social economic
transformation & community mobilisation as some of the key priorities areas.

They also called for further cooperation and partnership with Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

It was echoed by the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom officials who welcomed the idea as one of the
ways of strengthening the bond between the cultural institutions.

The Prime Minister handed over presents to the leadership of Acholi. The presents have been
part of the Kingdom’s consignment whenever Bunyoro Kingdom officials visit the Acholi
counterparts since time immemorial.

The pleasantries included a goat, millet, Kibiro salt, native peas, coffee, bananas and beer.

On behalf of the Paramount chief, the Acholi leadership appreciated the gifts and promised to reciprocate the gesture when they visit Bunyoro.

Significance of the items

  1. A goat
    This is one of the treasured domestic animals in Bunyoro. It is commonly slaughtered or donated at functions of success, marriage, friendship or other ceremonies.
  2. Millet Grains
    Millet is a staple food in Bunyoro and in Acholi. It withstands all weather and it gives us food security.
  3. Coffee
    Coffee is used as a beverage, making some medicine and other valuables. Coffee is the first edible item you are served when you visit a friend or a person you treasure in Bunyoro (Omwaani Gunywanisa enganda). In the Banyoro tradition, coffee berries are used as a way of cementing friendship (Okusara Omukago).
  4. Native peas (Enkoole Nyamugobe)
    They are fast maturing peas which the forefathers of Bunyoro used to fight food insecurity in homes due to the fact that they have a short maturity period.
  5. Beer
    Traditionally, in times of celebration, the people of Acholi and Bunyoro (who are not Muslims or who don’t find offense in alcohol) sit over beer to relax, share joy & happiness.
  6. Matooke
    This is one of the staple foods in Bunyoro. Recent archeological studies have discovered that the first bananas to be grown in Uganda were around Semwema in Kakumiro district.
  7. Salt
    Kibiro salt has been mined for thousands of years. It is medicinal and was a major commodity that Bunyoro used to dominate to international trade.

Indeed with the cultural connection taking different steps it is vital to believe that the FUFA Drum has helped many people Celebrate their Ancestry.

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