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Three officials suspended by FUFA Ethics and Integrity Committee

The FUFA Ethics and Integrity Committee (Adjudicatory Chamber) has suspended three officials provisionally from all football activities for 90 days over the irregular transfer of Vipers SC player Joseph Mpande Mbolimbo.

The officials are; International Transfer Matching System Managers (ITMS) of Vipers Sports Club Thadeus Kitandwe and Harunah Kyobe. The other official is Richard Ssemanda Nandigobe an ITMS Manager at FUFA.

The trio that has been suspended from participation in sporting and administrative football roles but can attend football matches, is required to give a written defence of the provisional suspension by Tuesday 26th January, 2016.

The FUFA Ethics and Integrity Committee-Investigatory Chamber will continue with the investigations into the matter,

FUFA being a member of FIFA, the world soccer governing body has also been informed of the matter.

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